An IIoT Sensor to Cloud Gateway Solution

One of the primary use cases for the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) is to collect sensor data and deliver that to an enterprise cloud for enhanced real-time visibility in to remote operational systems. This is very important for applications such as Oil & Gas, Manufacturing Plant Production monitoring, Healthcare Patient Monitoring and Power Substation Monitoring. With advances in network infrastructure and the promise of higher bandwidth WAN (Wide Area Network) connections, the ability to pull raw sensor data across the WAN to a backend enterprise cloud where data processing and predictive maintenance solutions can be implemented, and monitored. Enabling this type of architecture provides great agility for organizations to respond and react to changing conditions for their deployed systems.

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Filter Propagation: Because Efficiency is Golden

Considering the fact that limited resources are simply a reality, learning to be efficient is key. Unfortunately, we run into many situations in our daily lives where resources are wasted due to poor utilization.

We throw away tons of advertising papers from our mailbox just because we didn't ask for them. But what if we had a mechanism to specify whether we were interested in specific advertising? Then, only the exact amount of resources — paper, manufacturing, delivering  would be consumed.

RTI began supporting this premise long ago with the addition of content filters. Subscribers use them to select which information they are interested in, and with writer-side filtering, publishers only send selected information, saving 3 precious resources: CPU utilization, memory and bandwidth.

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