The Future of Healthcare is Connected

Medical errors are the third leading cause of death, resulting in more than 200,000 preventable deaths every year. Today’s healthcare systems contain devices that cannot communicate and don’t know if they’re connected to the same patient. Smart machines, AI and machine learning are rapidly changing this.

In the current data revolution, healthcare and medical device manufacturers are updating legacy platforms and developing systems that harness the power of data. As a result, the industry is transporting and analyzing unprecedented amounts of data in real time, while maintaining the reliability and security of a medical-grade network. RTI helps healthcare companies develop the intelligent systems of the future by enabling the development of data-centric products and systems with Connext®, based on the DDS standard.


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Smart Machine Connectivity Framework for Healthcare

Connext streamlines connectivity across a complex system of systems. Developers can build and link healthcare applications, regardless of architecture or operating system. From surgical robots to medical imaging to connected care, Connext dynamically connects systems and data in real-time.


Learn how Connext is proven across the healthcare industry to connect and secure next-generation healthcare systems.

Medical Robotics

Connext provides secure, real-time communication between complex system components and meets the demanding needs of highly-reliable, medical robotics applications.

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Connected Healthcare

Connext allows the connected components of a healthcare system to work as one integrated solution by sharing real-time data reliably and securely.

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Medical Imaging

Connext allows medical imaging systems to transmit large volumes of data providing physicians access to information in real time, while meeting specific regulatory requirements.

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Success Stories

Hospital Patient Safety

DocBox Integrates Clinical Decision Systems

RTI Connext ties together devices, services, and displays in real time. "RTI Connext DDS met all our needs – whether we're handling 12 patients, or 200." – DocBox Founder, Tracy Rausch

Surgical Systems

DLR Minimally Invasive Robotic Surgery Systems

The Minimally Invasive Robotic Surgery (MIRS) system at DLR coordinates three robots to perform delicate heart surgery. The system closes a distributed loop between the robots and the remote surgeon's control at 3kHz.

Hospital Data Integration

Clinical Decision Support Systems

Connext DDS helps hospital networks meet their data challenges involving thousands of patients (in motion), hundreds of thousands of devices, diverse link protocols, 100% uptime, security and real-time waveforms.

Medical Imaging

Agilent MRI Systems

"RTI delivered great functionality at a low cost. Using RTI middleware saved us a lot of money, time, and effort compared to our previous in-house developed solution." – Varian (Agilent) MRI

Advanced Proton Therapy

Mevion Proton Beam Radiation Therapy Systems

RTI middleware is used in superconducting synchro-cyclotron control, including the coordination of imaging, patient positioning, treatment, machine control and hazard mitigation.

Safety-Critical Software

Connext DDS Cert

Connext DDS Cert meets stringent SWaP requirements and offers certification evidence for IEC 60601 class 3 (medical devices) and DO-178C Level A (UAS and ATC integration and flight management systems) applications.

Medical Imaging

RTI powers MRI & CT

Imaging systems require massive data flows and fast performance. DDS controls and optimizes network use to handle megabytes of load without losing data.

EMS Device Integration Platform

World's Largest EMS Equipment Provider

Provides emergency response equipment to 60% of the world's emergency vehicles. RTI will be used in their entire product line emergency response equipment … for the next 20 years.

Fast Emergency Response

Exelis C4i Command and Control Systems

RTI Connext DDS connects GUIs to servers that route voice and video RTI met the critical needs: scalability, routing, recording – for military and civilian agencies.

Healthcare & Medical Customers

RTI is a trusted partner to leading healthcare providers throughout the world who are using Connext to simplify and solve the challenges of connected healthcare.


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