Training Anytime and Anywhere

Learning is not a one-time event. Especially in today’s competitive markets, your team needs ongoing access to the latest technological insights to save time and boost productivity.

RTI Academy is our virtual learning platform, providing on-demand training for RTI customers who wish to accelerate their mastery of Connext and leverage best practices for designing autonomous systems. It is a valuable library of content, providing customers with both quick and extensive information at the exact moment it is needed.

RTI Academy is helpful and flexible across the development lifecycle, such as when:

  • Requirements change and team members need to learn about newly relevant functionality
  • Multiple teams are spread over several locations, complicating efforts to schedule multiple days for live training
  • The team grows, existing Connext knowledge needs a refresh or new features are introduced


30-second introduction to RTI Academy

RTI Academy is also a great library of content: issues with Discovery? Try entering the word Discovery in the search tab. Or share the links of specific videos with your colleagues.

RTI Academy is included in the tiers of support: Basic, Essential or Premium. The Connext support plans give customers access to a comprehensive portfolio of training options including:

  • RTI Academy - on-demand training from anywhere, anytime.
  • Live training - live, interactive, customizable training delivered by an RTI expert.
  • Xcelerators - live, focused training on specific Connext products and capabilities.

Ready to explore RTI Academy? View the detailed Course Catalog, use your customer login to enter the RTI Academy site or contact your regional account team representative to learn more.


RTI Academy Available Courses

Title Access Level
(no added cost)
Description Duration
Fundamentals of RTI Connext Basic
Learn the concepts needed to begin designing and building your distributed system using Connext
Increase awareness of the tools and features that can accelerate your work
Writing a Connext Chat Application using the Modern C++ API Basic
Learn how to design, code and configure your system by following a detailed example 2h
Writing a Connext Chat Application using Connector and Python Basic
Learn how to design, code and configure your system by following a detailed example
Learn about how to use XML Application Creation and System Designer
Learn how to code with Connector, a simple way to start using DDS
1h 30m
Connext 6.1 Product Update Basic
Take a quick look at what's new in Connext 6.1 35m
Understanding Connext Secure Essential
Learn how to enable Connext Secure and configure it for various security use cases
Learn about monitoring and deploying Connext Secure
Understanding Connext Micro Essential
Learn the features and target use cases of Connext Micro
Learn how to configure, build, and deploy Micro-based applications
Understand the differences between Connext Professional and Connext Micro
Connext Developer Training Premium Become a trained Connext developer in order to maximize your efficiency when developing Connext applications
Learn best practices and tips, while learning to avoid common mistakes


Course Features

The courses are designed to deliver the product knowledge in the most effective and efficient way, including demonstrations, exercises and videos.

Courses on the Go

RTI Academy courses are also available on the mobile app Go.Learn for both iPhone and Android.

In-depth training on Connext features

Short videos targeting specific topics

Demonstrations to help clarify concepts

Exercises to practice what you have learned

Stay up-to-date regarding new releases

Earn badges when completing courses

Share the badges to show your achievements