Accelerating Customer Success

Developing scalable real-world systems is challenging. RTI Professional Services is your trusted partner to get Connext® systems up and running on time, on budget, with minimal risk. The Services team has extensive experience working with mission-critical, DDS-based, Connext systems across the world. Whether on-site or remote, we provide training, deep-dive analysis, recommendations and hands-on code changes to ensure systems work as intended.

Through years of successful projects, we’ve accumulated deep knowledge about best practices, system optimization and the key tradeoffs to satisfy customer requirements. With over 350 years of combined distributed system design experience and 130 years of DDS experience, our services engineers work with RTI customers to help them succeed, providing customized service offerings, from architectural design to security assessments to basic training. Working closely with RTI’s growing customer base, we continually discover better, smarter, and more effective ways to help our customers succeed.

Mission and Values

We are committed to accelerating time to value for your Connext-enabled systems. Customers turn to RTI as a trusted advisor - from project launch to deployment and beyond.

Proven Experience

We’re a global team with extensive experience in DDS and distributed systems across a variety of industries. Our experts will help your team succeed.

Trusted Advisors

We serve as trusted advisors to DDS users building some of the world’s most demanding systems*.

Accelerating Time to Value

We will work with your team to mitigate project risk, increase productivity and ensure quality project results.

Flexible Service Options

Our service packages include live and on-demand training choices, providing flexibility and support to hit project milestones.


RTI AcademyTM is an on-demand, virtual learning platform developed by our experts to provide RTI customers flexible access to Connext product training. Created to accommodate the shift toward remote work and training, RTI Academy enables access to training at your pace, with the ease of returning to the materials whenever needed. As your team grows, your new team members will have access to the same training plan for building distributed systems using RTI Connext. Find more details here or go directly to the customer login.

Accelerating Your Path to Success

RTI Professional Services gives Connext DDS users the assistance needed throughout the entire project lifecycle by offering a wide range of service offerings known as RTI XceleratorsTM.

RTI Support Plans

Our support plans provide customized support with maximum flexibility, tailored to your project and budget.



Remote support for one developer (phone, email and web support) plus other essential support services. Each licensed Project developer will have access to the Basic courses in RTI Academy.

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Get more extensive support for troubleshooting or system design. In addition to the benefits of Basic, this provides 6 RTI Xcelerators days per year, which provide training and mentoring for your project. Each licensed Project developer has access to the Basic and Essential courses for RTI Academy.

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Ensure your project is running optimally with all the benefits of Essential, plus customized reviews and additional days of RTI Xcelerators. Each Premium level licensed Project developer has access to all the Basic, Essential and Premium courses in RTI Academy.

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RTI Professional Services delivers customized value to optimize system design and problem solving in all project phases. Here’s what our customers have to say.

“The RTI Services engineers quickly grasp the big picture architecturally.  They listen well and work seamlessly with both our architects and developers to help us successfully develop our next generation energy conversion systems.  They have shown time-and-time again that they are determined to help us solve our problems."

James Ethridge

Principal Software Engineer, Alencon Systems.

“The RTI Services team delivers very high value, year after year. Their team has very high levels of engineering knowledge and creativity.  As a result of their extensive experience and deep distributed system expertise, they've been instrumental in helping us meet our milestones and timelines."

Wayne Saari

Director of Software Engineering, DocBox, Inc.

“The consulting team at RTI did in two weeks what takes most engineers months to complete. They managed to understand the system, write software for the system and integrate the software quickly and efficiently. They were determined to solve our problem within our timelines and make the software configurable so our team could pick up where they left off."

David J.

Cannon VP Research and Development, Seicor International Corporation

*The RTI Professional Services team includes people who hold an active U.S. Security Clearance. Contact your local representative for more information if your project requires cleared or other specific restrictions.


Click here to download the RTI Security Assessment datasheet: Learn how this customized offering can help you mitigate security risks.