Starting with RTI Connext® 6.1.1 LTS, RTI introduced a new software release model that adds both increased support and stability, as well as more agility to meet rapidly evolving customer and market needs. The bi-yearly Long-Term Support (LTS) release provides a production-ready platform with long-term support. With Connext 7.0, RTI is adding feature releases that will deliver new functionality every six months.

Feature Releases

Connext feature releases follow the same rigorous testing as our LTS releases, but also deliver new, cutting-edge features that enable new use cases and help transform markets. Developers may see new features evolve over time as we respond to developer feedback. New features transition to LTS releases once they have a stable definition and interface. Feature releases are supported for a six-month period, then we direct our attention to supporting subsequent feature or LTS releases.

LTS Releases

RTI understands that software is a mission-critical part of your application. This requires exceptionally qualified technical support in all areas of real-time and embedded systems to quickly troubleshoot and problem-solve.

To meet this need, RTI offers Long Term Support of seven years for select software versions of Connext. These select versions are identified as “LTS” in our product naming and referencing.

LTS Benefits

Offering LTS for select versions of our products gives our customers the peace of mind of high stability for application deployment and a predefined support window. LTS not only enables RTI to deliver exceptional support in the most effective and efficient manner as we and our customers grow, but also enhances the value of our entire product suite. Benefits include:

  • Planned updates for security and stability improvements
  • Highest level of software stability
  • Guaranteed support for 7 years
  • Extended support available after 7 years

Beginning with Connext 6.1.1, support for future non-LTS releases will end once an LTS version is released. For versions prior to 6.1.1, we will continue to offer support plans until a version’s end-of-life (EOL) – customers are notified of EOL two years in advance.

Connext 7.0 is an Early Access Release (EAR) type, providing customers with access to new or enhanced functionality that is still under development. 

Support Schedule


Support Packages

Our support plans provide customized support with maximum flexibility, tailored to your project and budget.



The Basic plan offers remote support for one developer (phone, email and web support) plus other essential support services. Each licensed Project developer will have access to the Basic courses in RTI Academy.

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Get more extensive support for troubleshooting or system design. In addition to the benefits of Basic, this provides 6 RTI Xcelerators days per year, which provide training and mentoring for your project. Each licensed Project developer has access to the Basic and Essential courses for RTI Academy.

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Premium includes all of the benefits of Essential support, plus customized reviews and additional days of RTI Xcelerators. Each Premium level licensed Project developer has access to all of the Basic, Essential and Premium courses in RTI Academy.

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