Supporting Full-Stack Observability

The Connext® Observability Framework supports full-stack observability for today’s mission-critical systems, providing concrete business value by picking up where traditional domain-centric monitoring tools end.



  • Monitor Connext and non-Connext technologies with the same Observability tools
  • Monitor the performance and health of the distributed system from a holistic, centralized view
  • Reduce system downtime by identifying and localizing problems
  • Increase the quality and speed of design, development, testing and deployment
  • Scale the observability telemetry pipeline as systems become more complex
Supporting full-stack observability is now possible using the Connext Observability Framework, which is powered by RTI’s extensive domain expertise. Introduced as an experimental capability for Connect 7.1, the Connext Observability Framework enables real-time monitoring and analysis of the Connext DDS databus. Businesses can gain unprecedented insights into the health and performance of their applications through the framework, enabling them to deliver unmatched application experiences. With customizable dashboards, metrics and alerts, the Connext Observability Framework enables businesses to quickly identify and diagnose issues, optimize performance and ensure the reliability of their distributed systems.