Third Party Application Integration

Developing Industrial IoT systems is complex, involving teams of developers that use a variety of technologies, programming languages and operating systems. Connext, based on the DDS standard, integrates real-world systems into your development environment with security and ease for rapid prototyping, sharing, testing, and collaboration in mission-critical systems.

Simplified Data Sharing Across Applications

Connext simplifies the development and integration of intelligent, distributed systems through seamless integration with popular third-party design tools, including LabVIEW™, Simulink®️ and UML/SysML-based modeling environments. The Connext Databus enables high-performance, reliable and secure data sharing across applications in heterogeneous environments - across programming languages, operating systems and hardware. It integrates with third-party APIs to ensure portability between implementations, wire protocols and Quality of Service (QoS), and supports multiple programming languages including C, C++, Java, .NET, and Ada.   


Connext enables real-time data exchange and analysis with NI LabVIEW™, for rapid flow and decision support of test, measurement and control information in intelligent, Industrial IoT systems. The Connext Databus shares data between LabVIEW applications, NI Linux Real-Time controllers and other DDS applications.


Connext integrates with DDS Blockset to seamlessly connect Simulink models of real-time and embedded systems through the Connext databus. Users can generate C++ code from Simulink models and deploy their models with DDS connectivity on a range of supported platforms. Download the DDS Blockset data sheet and see the resources on the RTI MathWorks page


Connext is used with popular UML and SysML-based modeling environments to create DDS applications for real-time and embedded systems. Connext integrates with Dassault Systèmes CATiA MagicDraw®️, IBM Rational®️ Rhapsody®️ and Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect. Learn more about connecting Connext and CATiA MagicDraw.


Wireshark is a network-packet, open source analyzer that supports many network protocols, including Real-Time Publish-Subscribe (RTPS), the wire protocol used by RTI Connext . The Wireshark Dissector Plug-in can be used to capture and analyze RTPS packets from Connext applications. Learn more.