Wireshark® is a network-packet, open source analyzer that supports many network protocols, including Real-Time Publish-Subscribe (RTPS), the wire protocol used by RTI Connext® DDS.

The Wireshark Dissector Plug-in can be used to capture and analyze RTPS packets from Connext DDS applications. It supports RTPS 2.1 (and lower) and is specifically tailored to make RTPS packet analysis easier.

The Wireshark Dissector Plug-in is developed by the community and is not an RTI product. It works on many platforms and is independent from Connext DDS.


  • Monitor the network activity from the Physical Layer to the RTPS Layer
  • Silently monitor network activity without interference
  • Dissect the content of the RTPS packets
  • Filter packets by type and content


Some network issues are not visible at the DDS level. That makes it necessary for DDS users to have a way to diagnose what is happening in the system at a Network level in a passive way. To do this, users must be able to inspect the RTPS information contained in incoming and outgoing network packets from RTPS to lower network protocols. This enables users to uncover a wide variety of issues, including IP fragmentation and lost discovery packets.