Connectivity in Software-Defined Vehicles

In the race to transition to software-defined vehicles (SDVs), picking the right connectivity framework provides the fast-track to production at a lower development cost. RTI technology is used by the world’s leading auto manufacturers to connect zonal architectures to high performance compute systems and all the way to the cloud. Today, traditional and non-traditional automotive companies use RTI Connext Drive® for critical vehicle communications in SDV projects. 


As the only standards-based communications framework that can meet the industry’s stringent safety, security and performance requirements, RTI Connext Drive runs in production-grade vehicles around the world. It provides automotive-grade functional safety certification and ecosystem integration tools to optimize productivity and lower integration costs.

A rapidly-evolving industry demands a revolutionary technology: RTI Connext Drive delivers the connectivity software framework and middleware required, from on- to off-vehicle applications, to support the development of tomorrow’s most innovative SDVs. 

RTI Connext Drive can operate natively based on DDS, or by providing direct integrations within ROS 2, AUTOSAR Classic and AUTOSAR Adaptive. RTI is active in many of the leading consortia looking to solve the problems to accelerate the software-defined era, including:


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Learn how Connext Drive securely connects distributed real-time systems across the automotive industry.

Software-Defined Vehicles

Reliable, real-time data transport for the architecture components of software-defined vehicles (SDVs) – from ECUs to zonal gateways to high performance compute.

Autonomous Vehicles

RTI Connext Drive is the only connectivity framework that meets the requirements of highly and fully autonomous systems, and is proven in operational safety-critical, multi-billion dollar product lines.

Zonal Architecture

Connext Drive provides the framework needed to support next gen E/E zonal architecture in software-defined vehicles.


High-fidelity real-time communication for telematics applications, even over diverse mobile, wide-area and public networks.

High Performance Compute

Automotive systems must consolidate and process large amounts of different data flows to a central location.

R&D Support for Autonomous Vehicle Design

RTI Connext Drive accelerates development of robust autonomous systems, giving developers an efficient path from prototyping to production

The Indy Autonomous Challenge

On October 23, 2021, history was made in autonomous driving. RTI is proud to be part of an elite group of automotive and technology collaborators in supporting this first-of-a-kind event.

Digital Cockpit

Connext Drive delivers modular connectivity for modern vehicle information and entertainment services, accelerating development and productivity.

Testing & Simulation

With code at the center of the SDV, it is more important than ever to continuously examine performance and reduce unpredictable behaviors through a comprehensive testing and simulation framework.

Automotive Customers

Automotive customers around the world are using Connext Drive to prototype, build, test and run projects, from zonal-architectures, high performance compute systems to telematics applications, to develop Software-defined Vehicles. These industry leaders are selecting RTI to meet the performance, safety and security requirements that are critical to the automotive market.



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