Connectivity in Autonomous Systems

The automotive industry is undergoing an unprecedented revolution, as manufacturers race to develop Connected, Autonomous, Shared and Electric (CASE) mobility solutions. RTI is used by the world’s leading manufacturers to connect their high-performance applications in connected cars and autonomous vehicles, with faster go to market and lower development costs.

As the only standards-based solution that can meet the industry’s stringent safety, security and performance requirements, RTI Connext DDS is being adopted by manufacturers and framework standards around the world, including AUTOSAR and ROS.



Demand for Revolutionary Architecture

An industry revolution needs a revolutionary technology. Auto manufacturers are now competing on software and require an advanced technology architecture to develop compelling systems. RTI Connext DDS delivers the connectivity software framework and middleware required, from on-vehicle to connected car applications. RTI has a long history delivering mission and safety-critical applications for the world’s largest, most complex industrial applications.


Learn how RTI Connext DDS is proven to connect and secure distributed real-time systems across the Automotive industry.

Autonomous Vehicle Production

RTI Connext DDS is the only connectivity framework that meets the requirements of highly and fully autonomous systems, and is proven in operational safety-critical, multi-billion dollar product lines.

Connected Cars, Telematics and Fleet Management

Connext DDS tracks the positions of mobile systems throughout the world. It monitors key  parameters and provides real-time insight for more efficient fleet management and asset tracking.

Autonomous Vehicle Research & Development

RTI Connext DDS accelerates development of robust autonomous systems, giving developers an efficient path from prototyping to production

HIL Modular Testing

A modern car contains hundreds of electronic modules and processors that must be tested by feeding realistic data to actual components. Scalable test environments for the connected and autonomous car are built with Connext DDS.

Automotive Customers

Leading automotive manufacturers rely on RTI’s deep experience to provide a connectivity framework that meets the performance, safety and security requirements of the automotive industry.



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