Intelligent Connectivity Framework from Prototype to Production

RTI Connext Drive® is the automotive-grade connectivity framework built on the Data Distribution Service (DDS™) standard. It delivers the automotive software components, development tools and runtime applications to accelerate the development and deployment of autonomous vehicles, including safety and cybersecurity designs. 

Connext Drive minimizes overall system complexity and cost, while building a future-proof, evolving system that doesn't compromise performance. It accelerates direct integration into AUTOSAR and ROS 2 environments so that developers can leverage data-centric connectivity with familiar ecosystem architectures, slashing development time and reducing the need for custom programming.

Connext Drive meets the industry’s rigorous safety requirements. Foundational components of Connext Drive are safety-certified to ISO 26262 ASIL D levels by TÜV SÜD – the highest level of safety – ensuring functional vehicle safety from the ECU to the central gateways and high performance compute. This includes the necessary artifacts to enable vehicle manufacturers to demonstrate safe use of Connext Drive in their production road vehicles. 

Automakers looking to streamline development and fast-track success through an open architecture are increasingly turning to Connext Drive: The leading automotive-grade connectivity solution for software-defined vehicles.

Data Centric

Connext Drive uses a data-centric, publish-subscribe architecture in which new participants can join at runtime without the need for code modifications, enabling rapid updates and technology refreshes using the existing data architecture. This allows applications to be integrated easily into the information data model without the need to write serialization/deserialization code, or to maintain state or make custom mappings. This simplifies the overall vehicle design for OEMs, enabling rapid, open collaboration throughout the supply chain to accelerate the path to autonomy and control costs. Read more.


AUTOSAR Adaptive

The DDS standard is part of the AUTOSAR Adaptive specification, enabling OEMs to meet the demanding requirements of Level 4 and Level 5 autonomous vehicles. With Connext Drive, developers can leverage additional technologies outside the AUTOSAR specification and gain a simple integration path to other distributed systems while providing a path to future-proofing current investments.


The RTI Connext® Integration Toolkit for AUTOSAR Classic, included with Connext Drive, speeds development through automatic conversion of data type definitions across standard formats (OMG® IDL, OMG DDS-XML and AUTOSAR ARXML), and generates C code for data conversion and marshaling between the runtime environment (RTE) and DDS communication frameworks.


RTI supports ROS 2 environments through the RTI Connext® Integration Toolkit for ROS 2. This enables developers to take full advantage of Connext Drive to quickly resolve problems of scalability, performance and operation in the most demanding environments, while retaining the use of familiar ROS 2 tools and packages.

RTI Connext Drive®

Exclusively for automakers aiming for an easier go-to-market experience, we are pleased to offer RTI Connext Drive: The leading safety-certified, data-centric communications framework for software-defined vehicles.

Connext Drive User Experiences

The integration of BlackBerry QNX's safety-certified operating system with RTI’s data-centric connectivity framework provides a solid foundation on which to base software development for connected and autonomous vehicles. Partnerships like this enable our customers to architect and realize next generation distributed systems.

Grant Courville, Vice President, Products and Strategy
BlackBerry QNX

Baidu is developing solutions for autonomous valet parking, fully autonomous mini-buses and more, based on Apollo, a leading global autonomous vehicle technology platform. The reason we decided to work with RTI's technology as the connectivity framework was for the superior reliability, a critical factor in the development of autonomous driving. With Connext, we can guarantee the utilization of bandwidth with TCP + UDP, ensure flexibility through multiple QoS strategies and apply standards-based security and safety. We are looking forward to accelerating innovation in autonomous driving together with RTI.

Dounan Wei, Commercialization Manager
Baidu Intelligent Vehicle Business Unit

We specialize in providing vehicle-agnostic driverless software for urban environments. Our target applications include autonomous transportation around hotels, theme parks, commercial offices, retirement communities and more. We selected RTI’s connectivity software because it provides the high performance we require, while giving us the flexibility we need to customize our technology per application. With RTI’s technical expertise, 15 years of proven industry experience and market-leading technology, we’re able to deliver safe, autonomous solutions across the Asia-Pacific region.

Derrick Loh, CEO

Going the Distance with RTI Connext Drive

Connext Drive offers a flexible, standard-based architecture that can help future-proof software-defined vehicle development, as well as accommodate evolving industry regulations and the journey towards autonomy. Connext Drive builds on RTI's rich heritage in connectivity for complex autonomous systems across industries, providing automakers with a comprehensive, safety-certified development framework. Connext Drive is ready to solve challenges – even the ones not yet thought of, or planned.

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RTI provides customers building vehicles with a simple licensing model and affordable annual subscription pricing.

Commercial Licenses

Pricing is adapted to the phase of the project. Connext Drive licensing provides dedicated licenses for the initial reference platform and prototype phases as well as final production program development.  

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Open Source

RTI provides free-of-charge Connext licenses for use with open source projects.