Why Choose RTI?



We are small enough that you will make a difference. And large enough to impact the world.



We strive to enable the perfect blend of work and fun.



We build intelligent systems and applications never before possible.

Great People

Great People

We communicate openly and believe the team comes first.


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Word of Mouth

Memo Salas

Senior Software Engineer

"The thing I like most about RTI's culture is that there are a lot of values I share with RTI. A few weeks after I joined the company, a high-ranking executive asked me what part I did not like so far, which surprised me in a good way. What I understood from that question was that in order to fit in here, you have to actively look for what doesn't fit well and fix it. That mentality allows you to find deeper solutions to problems."

Irish Asprer

Sr. Sales Operations Analyst

"I am motivated to continue working at RTI because the company does so many important things to contribute to the world, I want to see it grow and be recognized for all the great things that we do. I also work with amazing people who I respect and I want to continue helping them where I can. It's also easier to work for folks if you feel your contributions are being valued."

Belen Cara

Director of Support

"What makes RTI really unique is that it is a group of highly qualified (yet humble) people that work together for a common goal. Everyone gives their best and is always available if you need help. You feel valued by your peers and that's extra motivating. You feel you have an impact on other people as well."

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Looking For a Few More Stars

We get called a lot of names

RTI was named Most Influential Industrial IoT Company as published in Forbes, Top 50 IoT Company, People’s Choice Must-Follow Company, Top Embedded Innovator, EMA Vendor to Watch, NI Product of the Year and one of the top 10 places to work in the Bay Area . . . we’re ok with the name calling.

Industrial IoT pioneer

We were the first to see it coming, were the first to build the technology. Now we are ahead of the pack for connecting the Industrial IoT.

In good company

Our shockingly impressive customers are the brightest and best of the Industrial Internet. They invest in our technology and depend on our team as trusted advisors.

Stuck on RTI

We are proud that our employees stay. We hire only the best and give them as much freedom and responsibility as they can take. It makes stars shine brighter.

No one does it better

We are the best at what we do. But are driven to do more.

A Career, Not Just a Job




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Disclaimer: RTI doesn't accept unsolicited agency resumes and won't pay fees to any third-party agency or firm that doesn't have a signed agreement with RTI.