RTI Support Plans

Our support plans provide customized support with maximum flexibility, tailored to your project and budget.


Remote support for one developer (phone, email and web support) plus an annual half-day Health Checkup.


Get more extensive support for system design or troubleshooting. In addition to all the benefits of Basic, the Essential support plan also provides 3 customized training days, 2 consulting days and 1 onsite visit per year.


Ensure your project is running optimally through an annual 4-day onsite project review and an additional day of consulting, 2 onsite visits for troubleshooting or queries, plus all the benefits of Essential.

Full Connext DDS Product for Research and Academia

In addition to commercial licenses, RTI offers free evaluation, research, and academic licenses to the full Connext DDS Professional and Connext DDS Secure products. This includes support for infrastructure services and the DDS Security standard.

For more information and to apply for a license, please visit: Free Trial

RTI ITAR and Export Information