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RTI is the best in the world at connecting intelligent, distributed systems. These systems improve medical care, make our roads safer, improve energy use, and protect our freedom. Based on the Connext Databus, RTI’s software allows applications to exchange data in real time and provides the non-stop availability and security essential for mission-critical systems. The Connext Databus enables applications to work together as one, integrated system, significantly reducing development, integration and maintenance costs.

Connext DDS has proven success in thousands of mission-critical systems including autonomous vehicles, connected medical devices and next-generation energy systems.



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RTI Connext Highlights

Connext DDS is the first connectivity framework designed for the demanding requirements of smart machines and real-world systems. It delivers the low-latency, high-reliability, scalability and security essential for distributed systems.

Data centricity icon

Data Centricity

The Connext Databus uses a powerful data-centric connectivity paradigm for distributing and managing real-time data.

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Market Leadership

With 70% market share and leadership positions at key industry consortia, RTI is dedicated to advancing IIoT standards.

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Industry Benchmarks

Connext DDS delivers industry-best performance–on every supported platform–compared to other connectivity solutions.

The RTI Connext Product Suite

The Connext Product Suite simplifies application and integration logic with a powerful data-centric model. It manages data in motion and allows applications and devices to work together as one, integrated system.


Exceeds stringent real-time requirements and distributes high volumes of data with low latency.


Provides fine-grained security through standardized authentication, encryption and access control.


Integrates software modules and teams. Discovers data and devices automatically allowing for ease of system scalability.


Delivers nonstop availability with no single point of failure. Ideal for mission-critical systems.

Connext DDS Professional icon

Connext DDS Professional

Connectivity software for developing and integrating IIoT systems.

Includes RTI Connext Tools and Infrastructure Services to ease the entire development lifecycle - from design to production.

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Tools and Run-Time Services

Connext DDS Pro includes Tools and Run-Time Services to provide deep visibility into running systems, help troubleshoot application connectivity, solve complex data integration problems and speed time to market.

2.1-DDS-Overview-Routing Service

Routing Service

An out-of-the-box solution for developers to scale and integrate DDS systems across multiple platforms, systems and networks, creating a systems of systems architecture.

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2.1-DDS-Overview-Data Recording  & Replay

Data Recording & Replay

First off-the-shelf solution for reliable and non-intrusive recording, analysis and replay of real-time data.

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2.1-DDS-Overview-Admin console

Admin Console

Essential tool for troubleshooting and monitoring Connext DDS run-time services and visualizing data.

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2.1-DDS-Overview-Gateway toolkit

Gateway Toolkit

Toolkit for easing integration and interoperability with legacy technologies and standards-based connectivity frameworks.

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2.1-DDS-Overview-RTI Monitor

RTI Monitor

Critical for performance optimization, helps troubleshoot DDS-enabled applications throughout integration and testing.

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Connext DDS Secure icon

Connext DDS Secure

Designed for systems requiring robust, fine-grained security.

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Connext DDS Micro icon

Connext DDS Micro

Designed for resource-constrained systems.

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Connext DDS Cert icon

Connext DDS Cert

Designed for safety-certifiable systems.

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RTI Connext DDS: Data-Centric Framework for Performance, Scalability and Reliability

With the Connext DDS data-centric approach, applications and devices automatically discover each other and talk peer-to-peer, including over reliable multicast. No message brokers or servers are required. The result:

  • Latency in the microseconds, even with many subscribers
  • Throughput of millions of messages per second
  • Non-stop availability with no single point of failure
  • Autonomous operation with no administration

Third-Party Integrations

LabVIEW logo


RTI DDS Toolkit provides a secure and interoperable data communications infrastructure for NI LabVIEW.

MATLAB and Simulink logo

MATLAB and Simulink

Connext DDS integrates with MATLAB and Simulink to model, simulate and generate code that enables DDS connectivity in embedded systems.

SysML logo


Connext DDS integrates with leading UML & SysML modeling platforms to develop DDS applications.

Case + Code Examples

Case + Code helps developers build distributed systems using Connext DDS and includes real-world distributed system use cases, essential design, code and configuration, and working code examples.

Simplify Microgrid Operation with OpenFMB

Learn how to control the functionality of a power storage system in a simulated environment. This RTI Connext DDS and OpenFMB solution will show you how, while monitoring the interactions between solar, energy storage, recloser and load, you can island and reconnect a Microgrid with battery and solar.


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Integrate Medical Devices

With access to better data, you can make better decisions. In the hospital environment, a better decision can result in the saving of a life. This RTI Connext DDS solution explains how to integrate medical devices to create safer hospitals and to improve patient safety.


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Automate Manufacturing Flows and Systems

Do you need to monitor the state of lots or batches in manufacturing flows? This Connext DDS solution explains how to track, report on and process items in high-speed, accuracy-critical manufacturing flows.


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Track and Monitor Vehicles and Assets

Do you want to know where your assets are, in real-time? This Connext DDS solution explains how to track vehicles across a network, whether UAVs in the arena or a fleet of emergency vehicles responding to a crisis.


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Monitor Remote Devices in the Internet of Things

Do you need to send and receive data between multiple real-time LANs, even over a WAN? Whether they're geographically disparate with bandwidth constraints or in the same building, this Connext DDS solution explains how to connect two real-time networks over a WAN.


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Stream Video to Multiple Receivers

Do you need to monitor video from security cameras or receive SIGINT data from multiple UAVs? This Connext DDS solution explains how to stream video, audio or other media over unicast or multicast, to multiple subscribers at the same time.


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Accelerate Autonomous Car Development

Do you need to manage data flows in a high-performance, safety-critical environment? This Case + Code example details how Connext DDS can be used by Autonomous Vehicle developers to leverage RTI’s extensive experience with autonomous robotics, safety-critical systems and state-of-the-art architectures to simplify development, design and integration.


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Customer Snapshots

RTI Connext DDS is proven in real-world applications across the Industrial IoT to connect and secure intelligent, mission-critical systems.

BK Ultrasound

Learn how BK Ultrasound is using Connext DDS to build cost-effective healthcare systems for greater integration with patient care systems to improve decision-making for doctors.

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GE Transportation

Learn how GE Transportation’s connected rail enterprise is using Connext DDS, leveraging advanced software and powerful analytics to enhance visibility into the control architecture.

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Read how OpenROV is leveraging Connext DDS to solve complex connectivity challenges in their underwater drones, including low-latency video, live streaming and real-time recording.

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European Space Agency (ESA)

Read how ESA is using Connext DDS to manage real-time communications between the International Space Station and a robot on a planet’s surface.

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We offer simple, open and fair pricing. Depending on the nature of your project, pricing options include Commercial, Research, Academic and Open Source licenses. We also offer a free 30-day trial.

Commercial Licences

Pricing is based on the number of developers using Connext DDS on your project. Distribution of applications that use RTI core products is royalty-free.

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Try a fully-functional version of the leading IIoT connectivity framework, Connext DDS 6.0, for 30 days.

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Research and University Program

RTI is committed to supporting universities in their research labs and classroom projects. We offer a free, one-year, renewable license to RTI Connext DDS Secure for academic, noncommercial use.

Research and Non-Commercial

RTI offers special license programs for qualified research and non-commercial use. Download a free trial to apply.