Improving Patient Care and Efficiency

Hospitals are deploying sophisticated equipment, complete with sensors, software, pervasive networking and mobile components, in the quest to improve patient care and efficiency. Yet the reality is that most medical equipment is not connected, leading to administrative and patient care inefficiencies, cost overruns, medical errors, longer recovery times and even death. Today, medical errors account for hundreds of thousands of preventable deaths annually.

RTI brings its expertise in intelligent distributed systems to digital health ecosystems:

  • Connecting proprietary machines, software and mobile devices.
  • Enabling information flow for real-time decisions, from the operating room to telemedicine.
  • Exchanging data in near real-time with no single point of failure through the development of scalable, secure and interoperable systems.


Proven Readiness for Connected Healthcare Systems

RTI Connext®, based on the DDS standard, is the data-centric connectivity framework for the development of modern distributed healthcare systems. It delivers:

  • A common connectivity framework solution to simultaneously address demanding data-connectivity requirements
  • Configurable and adaptable data interoperability across systems, product families and legacy systems
  • Scalability to thousands of devices for increasingly large and complex systems
  • Reliable connectivity with no single point of failure and configurable Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Low latency connectivity for real-time access, control and monitoring
  • Reliable and automatic mobile and remote device connectivity across low-bandwidth and intermittent networks
  • Fine-grained and configurable security for confidentiality, integrity and access control
  • Accelerated development by allowing software teams to leverage a smart connectivity infrastructure

Smart Medical Device Connextivity diagram notitle-1

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