World's Leading Data Distribution Service (DDS)

Compliant Connectivity Software

RTI has over 70% DDS market share according to two independent analysts.

RTI serves on the OMG Board of Directors and co-chairs the DDS committee. The company edited the DDS specification and contributed to the RTPS interoperability protocol. RTI was the first company to support both DDS and RTPS.

RTI is an active member of the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) and co-chairs a number of committees including Connectivity Task Group, Distributed Data Management Task Group, Ecosystem Task Group and Testbed Subcommittees. RTI also co-authored the Industrial Internet Reference Architecture (IIRA), Industrial Internet Security Framework (IISF) and Industrial Internet Connectivity Framework (IICF). Connext DDS, RTI's flagship product, is the first connectivity software designed to implement the layered databus pattern as defined in IIRA.


In addition to fully supporting the DDS specification, Connext DDS also represents:

  • Mature and proven technologyHundreds of customers have deployed more than 500,000 copies of RTI Connext DDS for their mission critical systems. 
  • Advanced expertise – With 10x more customers than any other supplier, RTI has the most experience applying and leveraging the power of DDS.
  • Customer satisfaction – More than 95% of customers report they are satisfied with RTI software and support.
  • Vision of the future – RTI has an active internal research program and supports well over 100 commercial, government and university research projects.
  • Superior architecture – The peer-to-peer architecture RTI uses delivers the highest performance and scalability in addition to non-stop availability, without message brokers or daemon processes acting as a bottleneck or single point of failure.
  • Security – RTI has an inherently secure architecture, takes advantage of the protections in secure operating systems, supports authentication and encryption and offers Connext DDS Secure, the world's first turnkey messaging security solution that conforms to the DDS Security specification.
  • Most comprehensive integration platform – RTI complements DDS support with adapters to other technologies, routing and transformation capabilities, and a rich set of tools. RTI also offers the broadest language, platform and transport support. 

DDS Compliance

  • DDS API 1.4
    • Minimum profile
    • Persistence profile
    • Ownership profile
    • ContentFilteredTopic  and QueryCondition
  • DDS Interoperability Wire Protocol (RTPS) 2.2
  • DDS Security 1.0
  • C++ Language DDS PSM 1.0
  • XTypes: Extensible and Dynamic Topic Types 1.1 (partial)
  • Remote Procedure Calls over DDS 1.0 (partial)
  • Web-enabled DDS 1.0
  • DDS XML Syntax 1.0
  • IDL 4.1

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