Use, Build, Teach and Research at No Cost

RTI is committed to supporting research and education for real-time distributed systems. If your university initiates a research or classroom project involving complex distributed networks, RTI offers complimentary access to Connext DDS Secure, the world's leading implementation of the Data Distribution Service (DDS) standard for real-time systems.  

To participate, you must be affiliated with a nonprofit university, have a clearly defined non-commercial research project or classroom application, and receive minimal or no commercial funding. Apply for a university license today.

We offer professors and researchers:

  • Full-year license to Connext DDS Secure – unabridged research version
  • Annual renewal option for longer-term projects
  • Ability to get hands-on experience with DDS, building a marketable skill set for future employment  
  • Access to an online community to get support, share information and access additional resources  
  • Opportunity to publish work in the RTI community, at selected conferences and on the RTI website.

Why are We Doing This?

University research is in the DNA of RTI. We were founded by robotics researchers from Stanford University, and we remain deeply committed to supporting universities around the world in their advanced research and teaching of complex, distributed systems that operate on real-time data exchange.

It’s not just a one-way relationship. University projects help RTI to continuously improve our products through valuable feedback on ease-of-use, practical utility and new feature suggestions. We invite you to join our global community of universities who use Connext DDS in their labs and in their classrooms.

For questions about the RTI University Program, please contact us at

University Program Snapshots


Durham University

Centre for Advanced Instrumentation

A new generation of very large telescopes are ushering in important scientific discoveries through clear views into outer space. These massive instruments require adaptive optics technology to correct for the effects of Earth's atmosphere on observations. Distortions must be detected and corrected rapidly, with mirror adjustment of upwards of thousands of times per second. One of the world's foremost research institution uses RTI Connext DDS in the Lab and in real-time information flow, reliably and at scale.

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Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) is using Connext DDS in its research with robotics, ROS/ROS2 and cybersecurity. Listen to Part 1 and Part 2 of the podcast to learn about its work in addressing the challenges of robotics and security.


University of Brighton

The University of Brighton’s Vetronics Research Group (VRG) uses RTI Connext DDS to research, develop and deploy new concepts in the UK’s current and future military land platform capabilities. Connext DDS serves as the core communications backbone, providing real-time communication and interoperability between the complex subsystems in the military land platforms. The full paper is available directly from the IEEE library.

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Working with Leading Universities around the World

RTI is proud that Connext DDS enables advanced research across the world, through the pioneering work of universities including: