RTI offers the connectivity framework, tools, and support to help developers get started, accelerate code delivery, stay challenged and excel. Getting Started resources bring you up to speed quickly, and advanced tools plus an active developer community keep you stimulated and learning. Based on the simple principles of publish/subscribe, Connext® DDS is a powerful and feature-rich platform to build and expand your connected systems.

We invite you to join the world’s largest technical community for DDS software. Try RTI software for free and start building today.

Getting Started with Connext DDS

A comprehensive selection of videos, documentation, community forums and RTI support services will get you up and running quickly. From Windows to Linux to C++ to Java, we have a wide range of on-demand resources to support you from the earliest days. From your first Hello World to your first use case, RTI delivers the tools and support to help you become productive quickly.

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Developer Resources

Complimentary access to a wide range of on-demand tools including podcasts, webcasts, documentation as well as an experienced technical community give developers the support to troubleshoot and deploy complex systems.


Performance Benchmarking

The PerfTest benchmarking tool shows  that Connext DDS delivers sub-millisecond latency and throughput that exceeds 90% of line rate over gigabit Ethernet.

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Access the Connext DDS  library of detailed guides and user manuals covering topics from Getting Started to the latest features, functions and fixes.

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Connext DDS Developer Community

This active community offers a technical forum, How-to’s for common questions, resource inventory and experimental downloads. Join today.

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Case + Code Examples

Designed for developers, this series of use case-based examples let you get started right away, bridging from introductory skills to use case coding and configuration.

Simplify Microgrid Operation with OpenFMB

Learn how to control the functionality of a power storage system in a simulated environment. This RTI Connext DDS and OpenFMB solution will show you how, while monitoring the interactions between solar, energy storage, recloser and load, you can island and reconnect a Microgrid with battery and solar.


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Integrate Medical Devices

With access to better data, you can make better decisions. In the hospital environment, a better decision can result in the saving of a life. This RTI Connext DDS solution explains how to integrate medical devices to create safer hospitals and to improve patient safety.


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Automate Manufacturing Flows and Systems

Do you need to monitor the state of lots or batches in manufacturing flows? This Connext DDS solution explains how to track, report on and process items in high-speed, accuracy-critical manufacturing flows.


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Track and Monitor Vehicles and Assets

Do you want to know where your assets are, in real-time? This Connext DDS solution explains how to track vehicles across a network, whether UAVs in the arena or a fleet of emergency vehicles responding to a crisis.


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Monitor Remote Devices in the Internet of Things

Do you need to send and receive data between multiple real-time LANs, even over a WAN? Whether they're geographically disparate with bandwidth constraints or in the same building, this Connext DDS solution explains how to connect two real-time networks over a WAN.


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Stream Video to Multiple Receivers

Do you need to monitor video from security cameras or receive SIGINT data from multiple UAVs? This Connext DDS solution explains how to stream video, audio or other media over unicast or multicast, to multiple subscribers at the same time.


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Accelerate Autonomous Car Development

Do you need to manage data flows in a high-performance, safety-critical environment? This Case + Code example details how Connext DDS can be used by Autonomous Vehicle developers to leverage RTI’s extensive experience with autonomous robotics, safety-critical systems and state-of-the-art architectures to simplify development, design and integration.


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RTI Labs

Users who take advantage of RTI Labs have the opportunity to leverage these projects to optimize their IIoT systems with advanced technical capabilities and influence the RTI product roadmap.


Log Parser

A command-line tool that processes and enhances Connex DDS and Connext DDS Micro log messages, making it easier to debug applications.

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Python API

A rich native interface to Connext DDS for Python. Use the Connext DDS connectivity framework with a Python code base to easily communicate with smart machines and distributed systems.

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System Designer

A UI Tool that simplifies the creation of XML files, allowing you to graphically design and configure your Connext DDS systems.

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Cloud Discovery Service

A stand-alone application for deploying Connext DDS applications in dynamic environments, including where UDP/IP multicast is not available.

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