RTI Connext Gateway enables users to easily integrate various communication protocols into a DDS databus. The RTI Connext Gateway includes built in adaptors for several common protocols, including:

In addition to the included adaptors, RTI Connext Gateway includes a set of useful processors and transformations, allowing the transforming data from various formats (e.g. JSON) and use scripting (e.g. Python) to prototype data processing logic. 

RTI Connext Gateway is packaged as an open framework, based on the RTI Routing Service SDK, that allows users to easily add new adaptors, processors and transformations. 



Features and Benefits

  • Easily integrate components and devices using common protocols into a DDS system.
  • Expose devices using legacy protocols to the LAN and the WAN in a scalable, efficient, and secure manner.
  • Access devices using protocols such as Modbus without any programming. Just configure the gateway (with a simple XML file) and go!
  • Create a common, normalized information backplane that integrates devices and subsystems that use various protocols. Use RTI Connext DDS to leverage automatic discovery, publish-subscribe, QoS, content filtering, fine grained-security, IP Mobility, and other advanced features and retrofit these capabilities into systems that use less-capable and scalable protocols.
  • Leverage DDS to provide access to AI and cloud services from your edge devices.


RTI Labs Project Type: Product Prototype

Maturity Level: Experimental Feature

Support: RTI-Community forum, backed by CTO Office Engineers


  • Promote use of RTI Routing Service SDK to integrate other protocols with RTI Connext. 
  • Provide a framework for community-developed Adaptos to other technologies
  • Address use cases in important markets including Smart City. Energy, and Industrial Automation.
  • Engage uses, determine needs and evaluate market demand for releasing a supported “RTI Connext Gateway” product.


Product Version Information:  N/A (source release). Compatible with Connext 6.0.1 and later.

Platform Support: Source-release with CMake build system. Has been tested with the Connext “host” platforms (Linux, Windows, MacOS).

System Requirements: Need Connext 6.0.1 or later, CMake 3.10 or later, and the C/C++ compiler toolchain appropriate for the platform. See building.

There are additional requirements to build the documentation. See documentation build requirements.

Product Compatibility:  Connext 6.0.1 or later


Access the RTI Connext Gateway code here.


RTI Connext Gateway documentation is located in the RTI Community Portal. It can also be built from the source.


See project details on github repository.

Next Steps

Clone and build the RTI Connext Gateway from the github repository.

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