The Industrial IoT Connectivity Software

Data-centric connectivity is critical to the success of these high performance, intelligent systems. RTI Connext® DDS is designed and proven for rigorous IIoT environments, delivering the resilience, security, performance and scalability necessary to build complex, distributed applications.

RTI Connext DDS delivers a flexible and reliable layered databus framework for peer-to-peer data flow. From edge to cloud and across remote environments, it distributes and manages real-time data to keep critical systems running.

From energy to healthcare, from autonomous vehicles to defense, RTI is the IIoT connectivity software of choice across industries and across the world.

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RTI, DDS and the Industrial Internet of Things

RTI, DDS and the Industrial Internet of Things (1)


IIoT Diagram


Clouds are elastic computing environments that can dynamically scale to meet the changing demands of distributed intelligent systems. The value of connecting industrial systems with cloud-based analytics and services is a major driver of the IIoT.

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When latency, network bandwidth and security/privacy challenges are critical, fog computing bridges the continuum between cloud and the operational edge to move compute-network-storage and decision making closer to where the data is produced.

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Intelligent devices at the operational edge of IIoT systems take advantage of edge computing and pervasive networking to provide the peer-to-peer data interconnectivity and analytics that underpin advanced IIoT use cases.

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