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Say Hello to RTI Log Parser

As the newest addition to RTI Labs – a free program providing early access to RTI technology – Log Parser is a command-line tool that processes and clarifies RTI Connext log messages, making debugging easier.

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Due to the demand for designing smart, more secure systems for the IIoT, we are bringing the Connext Conference back! Join DDS power users and customers at this free two-day event in Silicon Valley.

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NEW IIoT eBook: The Rise of the Robot Overlords

Our CEO’s second ebook, The Rise of the Robot Overlords : Clarifying the IIoT discusses implications of the IIoT on traditional industries. It also includes a selection guide for connectivity technologies including DDS, OPC UA, MQTT and more.

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The Rise of the Robot Overlords

Clarifying the Industrial IoT

Medical treatment systems, the power grid, manufacturing lines and transportation systems all work the same way today as they did 20 years ago. But in the next few years, engineers will find ways to harness the incredible power of connected computing. This transformation – the Industrial IoT – is a potential risk to every industry and company that does not respond.

Written by RTI CEO Stan Schneider, the eBook examines:

  • Key architectures and applications of the Industrial IoT
  • Economic implications of the stunning rise of fast computing and networking on smart machines
  • The theoretical basis for data-centric and device-centric system integration, scalable cloud-to-edge system design, and security
  • Connectivity technology required for today’s most imminent smart machines: autonomous vehicles

And most importantly, you receive a selection guide on what the IIC defined as the most popular Industrial IoT connectivity technologies – DDS, OPC UA, MQTT, RESTful HTTP, M2M and CoAP – helping you identify the best technology for your application.

Clarifying the Industrial IoT eBook Cover