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In the next 10 years, cars will safely drive themselves, smart networked medical devices will improve patient care, defense systems will protect with lower cost and error, and power systems will better use renewables. Real-Time Innovations (RTI) supplies the world’s number one software framework for autonomy, with over 1,800 designs. We lead the transition to intelligent real-world systems, the most important technology trend for the next decade and beyond.

Our RTI Connext® software framework makes it possible to design and deploy intelligent real-world systems in demanding environments. Connext implements a new concept called data centricity, based on the Data Distribution ServiceTM (DDS) standard. Instead of sending messages, a data-centric system makes all data available to every device and algorithm in local memory with controlled timing. It is especially useful for autonomous systems, because artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms often require huge amounts of data with very specific delivery requirements. Connext securely shares information in real time so distributed systems can work together as one.

Our mission is to enable a new generation of intelligent distributed systems, boldly seeking to transform entire industries. We particularly seek applications that promote a sustainable, safe, green and healthy planet. Today, AI is restricted to the cloud. RTI will let AI step out of the cloud. 

RTI enables the world’s intelligent distributed future.


What's New

RTI Announces Connext TSS 3.1: First Transport Services Segment with FACE 3.1 Conformance Certification and DO-178C DAL A Safety Evidence »

RTI introduces Connext 7.0 and a new product release model »

RTI Announces Connext Drive 2.0 - the production-grade connectivity framework for software-defined vehicles »

RTI recognized by Frost & Sullivan in the 2022 Enabling Technology Leadership Award »

A tool to find the connectivity standard that best fits your use case »


RTI Connext is the first intelligent connectivity framework designed to control, monitor, secure and optimize demanding distributed systems.

Connext Anywhere

For widely-distributed systems

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Connext Secure

For systems requiring robust, fine-grained security

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Connext Professional

For time- and mission-critical distributed systems

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Connext Drive

For software-defined vehicles

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Connext TSS

For FACE-compliant avionics systems

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Connext Cert

For ISO 26262 and DO-178C requirements

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Connext Micro

For resource-constrained systems

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Check out our technical resources to learn about the RTI Connext Product Suite and how to use our technology including tutorials, videos, real-world use cases, and coding and configuration examples.

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Performance Benchmarks

Find out how Connext delivers industry-best performance – on every supported platform – compared to other connectivity solutions.

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Getting Started Guide

Find all of the tutorials, documentation, inspiration and other materials you need to get started using Connext today.

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RTI Community

Join conversations and share resources with the global community of Connext users through this online portal.

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Accelerating Your Path to Success

RTI Professional Services gives Connext users the support needed throughout the entire project lifecycle.

Latest Publications and Media

RTI News

RTI Announces First Transport Services Segment with FACE 3.1 Conformance Certification and DO-178C DAL A Safety Evidence

Connext TSS Delivers a Proven Framework for Developing Modular, Open and Safety-Critical Avionics...

RTI and Ansys Partner to Drive Innovation in the Design, Simulation and Deployment of Mission-Critical Distributed Systems

Technical integration of RTI Connext and Ansys software provides an advanced simulation environment...

RTI to Exhibit and Showcase Connext Drive, the Connectivity Framework Enabling Software-Defined Vehicles, at CES 2023

RTI Automotive Experts to Demo Vehicle Technology & Address the Main Challenges in Developing...


Across industries and across the world, companies rely on Connext to connect their mission-critical industrial systems, from autonomous vehicles to air traffic control, from medical to mining. See how Connext is used to transform connected operations in real-world applications.