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Log Parser

A command-line tool that processes and enhances RTI Connext and RTI Connext Micro log messages, making it easier to debug applications.

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What does it do? 

RTI Log Parser is a command-line tool that processes and clarifies RTI Connext and RTI Connext Micro log messages, making it easier to debug applications.

Connext output and debugging log files both provide extensive detail about the execution of a DDS application, but they are not optimized for human comprehension. And while error and warning messages are easier to understand, they do not provide all of the details that a user may need to pinpoint the source of an issue.

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Features & Benefits 

Log Parser features include debugging log messages from RTI Connext products, detect communication and API usage problems, get network statistics and obfuscate sensitive information.

Log Parser benefits include debugging DDS issues in your applications, understand low-level details of DDS communication more easily and validate correct usage of the Connext API.



RTI Labs Project Type: Debugging tool

Maturity Level: Prototype

Support. This is an experimental RTI product. As such, we only offer support through the RTI Community Forum where fellow users and RTI engineers can help you. If you encounter an issue while using Log Parser, you can also open a ticket in the issues section of the repository. Additionally, along with your questions, we encourage you to post your feedback on the Community Forum! (we'd love your feedback on Log Parser!)  

Intent. Log Parser is slated for continued development. 

Feedback. You can provide feedback via the RTI Community Forum.

Which Platform(s) is it Available On? Anything that runs Python, including macOS, Linux and Windows

System Requirements. You will need Python 2.7 or 3.x.

Product Compatibility

  • RTI Connext version 5.1.0 and up
    • Including messages from RTI Routing Service
  • RTI Connext Micro version 2.4.9 and up
Log Parser’s documentation is located in the RTI Community GitHub repository.

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