OPC UA is a connectivity framework for industrial automation created by the OPC Foundation to expose information from OPC applications in a unified address space in a platform-independent manner.

In order to allow OPC applications and DDS applications to communicate with each other, RTI led a joint RFP submission at the Object Management Group (OMG) to standardize this capability.

The OPC UA/DDS Gateway follows a simple OPC UA Subscriptions to DDS mapping: Each OPC UA Subscription is mapped to a DDS Topic and each MonitoredItem is mapped to a member of the DDS Type associated with the DDS Topic.

OPC UA to DDS Bridge

The gateway implements a simple route that forwards data exposed by OPC UA servers to DDS Subscriber applications. On one side of the Gateway, different OPC UA Clients create OPC UA Subscriptions to monitor data changes on different MonitoredItems provided OPC UA Servers. On the other side of the Gateway, different DDS DataWriters propagate the data changes in the form of DDS Topics, so that other DDS applications can subscribe to them.


DDS to OPC UA Bridge

To allow OPC UA clients to access, subscribe, read and manage information from DDS, one side of the gateway has an OPC UA server that exposes a portion of the information available from the DDS Global Data Space. The other side of the gateway has DomainParticipants, Publishers, Subscriber, DataReaders, and DataWriters endpoints to interact with DDS applications.


Features and Benefits

  • Standalone gateway that allows OPC UA and DDS application to talk
  • Applications don't need to be modified to take advantage of the gateway
  • Supports the OMG standard


RTI Labs Project Type: OMG OPC UA/DDS Gateway prototype

Maturity Level: Prototype

Support: OPC UA/DDS Gateway is an experimental prototype. As such, we only offer support through the RTI Community Forum where fellow users and RTI engineers can help you. If you encounter an issue while using the gateway, you can also open a ticket in the issues section of the repository. We encourage you to post your feedback and questions on the Community Forum

Intent: The OPC UA Gateway is slated for continued development

Feedback: You can provide feedback via the RTI Community Forum

Product Version Information: 6.1

Platform Support: For information regarding supported platforms and compatibility, please see the Release Notes. 

Product Compatibility: Backwards compatibility with RTI products (pre 6.1.x) is not guaranteed. Please see the Release Notes for details.


Access the RTI OPC UA/DDS Gateway Prototype code here


RTI OPC UA/DD Gateway documentation is located in the RTI Community GitHub repository.


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