Stay on the Cutting Edge of Complex Distributed Network Infrastructure

Throughout its 20 years of development, RTI and its partners and collaborators have continued to expand and realize the potential of Connext® DDS software.

Connext DDS is the world's leading implementation of the Data Distribution Service for Real-Time Systems (DDS), and it is fully compliant with the OMG DDS standard. It serves as the networking software for many high-reliability, high-performance distributed systems. RTI Connext DDS has been vetted repeatedly by our customers, and the significant number of industrial and military systems that depend upon it is a testament to its utility and maturity. You can use this same code for your research projects.

RTI strives to improve Connext DDS software, make it more useful and put it to use where it is needed most. You can join our efforts and receive a free license to RTI Connext DDS software to pursue your research. Get details on:

  • Government-sponsored research
  • Internal research and development projects
  • University research and classroom use

Government-Sponsored Research

Collaborating With RTI

RTI has a proven track record winning and fulfilling advanced multi-year government contracts for SBIR, STTR, BAA and CRADA opportunities. We have the ability to either lead the contract bid process or to provide products and services to partners leading the process.

Advantages of partnering with RTI include:

  • Experience in demonstrations, prototypes, proof of concepts – we help you win the bid
  • Many proven implementations – we get the job done
  • Established market leader in DDS with government credibility and name recognition – we are known to get results
  • Small business set-asides – we can be funded in ways that you normally might not access
  • US-person team – we employ US citizens and US-legal workers, many with security clearances

Transitioning Our Technology

RTI is actively involved in government-funded research activities. We always have several Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) projects underway. If your organization has laboratory and testing capabilities to help transition these SBIR efforts either from Phase I to Phase II, or from Phase II to Phase III/CPP, or you are interested in initiating a new project, please email

A large Prime Contractor endorsement is an important component in the overall assessment done by the DoD to validate the commercial potential of an innovative technology. This can lead to further R&D and acquisition opportunities. The Prime Contractor benefits by being able to:

  • Provide early input on research activities, ensuring that work is aligned with either your corporate or your customer's Program of Record (POR) technological requirements
  • Receive early access to the innovative technologies developed under the SBIR
  • Be a subcontractor to RTI by providing engineering services and access to your capital infrastructure (typically network laboratory, test, or integration facilities)
  • Demonstrate support for supplier diversity through small business Phase III contracts
  • Enjoy possible DoD sole-source contract benefits by using SBIR-developed technology

RTI has a lengthy history in research and development, with many examples of innovative research evolving into commercially available products and features.

Independent Research and Development (IRAD)

RTI can support your organization’s exploration of DDS as a solution. You can use the Connext DDS software to develop proofs of concept, bids, statements of work and proposals.

Interested? Get our 30-day free trial software.


Please email or contact your local RTI representative to learn more about our research programs.

University Program

University projects are essential to our product innovation. They provide an excellent source for feedback on ease-of-use, practical utility, and new features. We sometimes even ask our University Program sites to help us generate application notes, programming examples and test cases for our website, articles or conferences.

See what our University Program participants have accomplished with their Connext DDS projects.

We invite qualified universities to apply for a free one-year, renewable license to Connext DDS. Please refer our University Program for details. 

Research and Classroom Projects

If your university program initiates a research or classroom project involving complex distributed networks, it may qualify for a free Connext DDS Professional license. RTI offers Connext software free-of-charge for University research and classroom use.

To receive free software:

  • Your organization must have a non-profit status.
  • You must have a clearly defined non-commercial research project or classroom application.
  • Your project should have minimal or no commercial funding.

Interested? Get our 30-day free trial software.


Licenses, when awarded, are typically granted for 1 year, renewable annually as long as the program qualifications continue to be met.

For questions about the RTI University Program, please contact us at

RTI Community

The RTI Community provides a plethora of resources, including vibrant discussion forums, user-contributed independent research papers, descriptions of projects, a membership roster for the University Program and details on research travel grants.

To get involved with RTI and the Connext DDS community: