Intelligent Connectivity for High Performance Compute Systems 

Next-generation electrical/electronic (next gen E/E) zonal architecture represents the backbone communication of the software-defined vehicle (SDV). Today, zonal architectures are helping software-defined vehicle architectures provide flexibility, scalability, compatibility and upgradability on different hardware components, while also fulfilling key technical and safety requirements. 

Modern vehicles often include over one hundred electronic control units (ECUs) and this represents a major challenge in terms of complexity, weight and cost. 

This imperative has given rise to next gen E/E zonal architecture. The central aspect of this trend is transitioning towards consolidating vehicle computing capabilities for optimized cost, power distribution, security, flexibility and weight.

Connext Drive® provides the data-centric software framework needed to efficiently manage this complexity and integrate new and evolving technologies to seamlessly support next gen E/E zonal architecture in tomorrow’s software-defined vehicles, with dedicated products with unique capabilities and safety levels for ECUs, zonal gateways and central controllers. More detailed information is found here.



RTI is active in many of the leading consortia looking to accelerate the zonal architecture, such as AUTOSAR, COVESA, and SOAFEE.

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