Welcome MathWorks Simulink® Users!

This page provides the license request form to a long-term license to RTI Connext® and resources to help accelerate applications that publish or subscribe to the OMG Data Distribution Service (DDS) protocol.

RTI Connext is the world’s most widely-used connectivity software for autonomous and distributed systems. Connext enables applications to securely share information in real time and work as one integrated system. Based on the DDS standard, Connext is fully interoperable with Simulink and DDS Blockset. 

Now you can experience the benefits of using Connext to integrate real-world QoS and other parameters with your Simulink models. MathWorks users are eligible for a free, one-year (renewable) noncommercial license to Connext® Professional. This license includes access to a comprehensive software library plus a suite of development and monitoring tools to help troubleshoot and optimize your application.

RTI Resources for MathWorks Users 

RTI Connext is fully integrated with MathWorks Simulink and DDS Blockset. We invite you to optimize your experience through the following resources: