The Framework for Next-Generation Medical Imaging

Radiologists use the output from advanced analytics to detect unique patterns at the molecular level identified with a specific pathology—leading to faster, more accurate diagnostics. Connext DDS provides the underlying data distribution fabric, capable of moving large streams of data to transmit high resolution images in real-time. It connects sensors, actuators and application software, enabling deterministic and sub-millisecond response time for real-time decision making and machine control.

RTI Connext DDS is the connectivity framework for the development of next-generation medical imaging systems. Connext DDS delivers:

  • Innovative data-centric connectivity that delivers full visibility into data in motion to accelerate integration, debugging and testing
  • A single solution to address the wide range of demanding data-connectivity requirements, from fast local control loops to secure connectivity over long distances for connecting medical devices to cloud infrastructure
  • Plug-and-play interoperability between components, subsystems and systems
  • Scalability for increasingly large and complex systems
  • Self-forming and self-healing behavior for resilient systems with no single point of failure
  • Low latency with real-time Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Reliable connectivity over low-bandwidth communication links with long transmission delays
  • Fully interoperable military-grade DDS security support for confidentiality, integrity and access control
  • Compliance with stringent safety certification standards

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