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4 min read

RTI Engineering Interns are Set Up for Success

RTI Engineering Interns are Set Up for Success

Meet New RTI Team Member Marcos Rivera!

Work environments around the globe have changed as a result of the recent pandemic, and the structure of internships has also been forced to adapt to the various in-person, remote, and hybrid options that followed. Luckily, RTI was already well-versed in giving its remote employees a platform for close cross-team collaboration well before the pandemic hit. I was fortunate that RTI’s expertise in remote work opened the door for me to join the team as a fully remote engineering intern.

1. How did you know about RTI? What caught your attention?

Everything started in November, 2022. A friend from university who works at RTI shared an internship offer with me. I am now a Computer Engineering student at the University of Córdoba, Spain, and since March, 2023, I have also been working remotely for RTI as a Software Engineer Intern.

The first time I heard of RTI was in 2019 at the Salmorejo Tech technology congress in Córdoba as RTI happened to be one of the sponsors of the event. As an attendee, I had the opportunity to speak at length with one of the engineers from RTI’s Granada office. The conversation left me intrigued and eager to learn more about real-time systems and their applications in an increasingly connected world. 

After hearing more about life at RTI and their interesting projects, I knew that I wanted to intern there, contribute and develop my skills, and be part of RTI. 

2. How was the interview process? And your first day being a remote intern?

After applying for the internship position, an email arrived: RTI was interested in interviewing me! It was my first time in an interview process, and I was very nervous. I spoke with the Talent Acquisition team and my friend working there, and they all gave me the same advice: Just be yourself!

My interview process started with an initial call to get to know me and my interests, then two hands-on technical interviews where I was asked to solve different programming problems, a coffee chat with the team, and a final call with my future mentor. 

I felt very comfortable during the whole process and it was a joy when a few days later, I received the positive news: I got the role! That news was the best Christmas present I could have asked for!

I started in March 2023 and I remember my first day with great enthusiasm. New hires in the office are often greeted at their desk with their laptop, a welcome kit and a special breakfast. In my case, my welcome kit and a tasty breakfast were delivered to my home.

It was my first corporate work experience and I was going to be fully remote. What would that be like? Well, after a warm welcome from the People & Culture team and a very useful meeting with the IT team, I met my mentor, Juan Carlos Chaves, Senior Software Engineer, who shared more details about the project that I was going to work on for the next six months. I felt ready to get down to business! 

3. How was the relationship with your mentor and the team over a remote set-up?

I connected very well with my mentor right from the beginning. We had many things in common, both personally and professionally, which had a significant positive impact on the project.

Despite being remote, my mentor made sure we had time to catch up and meet with other members of the team. From my very first day, the team I joined has always been willing to lend a hand in the project when I needed help. But this is not something exclusive to our team. Everyone at RTI is very approachable and always willing to help. 

You might think that, as an intern, it might be difficult to talk to people from other teams or departments, and even more so if you work remotely. But that’s not the case at all at RTI, where you can schedule a meeting with anyone in the company, even the CEO, just by asking. Isn’t that amazing?! 

4. How does RTI help remote workers feel connected?

It must be hard to get to know your coworkers when you work remotely, right? Well, thanks to the group activities and events our People and Culture team puts together, meeting and getting to know my coworkers was no problem at all. RTI does a remarkable job of successfully encouraging everyone, whether you are working in the office or from home, to join in the activities and events. At RTI, I discovered the importance of the work we do and the teamwork needed to succeed, but also that making time for fun is important! 

Interaction is highly valued here, that’s why there are also internal social channels that give you the opportunity to meet other colleagues in the company who are in different teams, departments and even different countries!

But what if I need more? I want to meet them in person! That's easy too! RTI sets aside certain  weeks during the year for teams to meet in person, get to know each other better, and meet members of other teams, so everyone can Work as One

I also had the opportunity to visit the Granada office for a week, a couple of months after my internship started, and it was a great experience! Finally I got to meet, in person, with those I had been talking to for weeks! 

5. What do you think is the key to succeed in an internship while being remote? 

Being a remote intern does not have to be a barrier to success. During my time as an intern at RTI, I had the opportunity to act as an ambassador and represent the company in a variety of environments. One example was during the 2023 Salmorejo Tech congress.

RTI has all the necessary ingredients for you to grow, learn and have fun! I guess that is why it is a certified Great Place to Work.” So if you are a college student looking for a place to intern, even if it is remote, don't hesitate to apply and start “enjoying the journey” with us! 

This is the story of my internship as a Software Engineer Intern at RTI. It has been six months in which I have had the opportunity to develop myself personally and professionally. The internship has allowed me to put into practice the knowledge I’ve acquired at the university, in the area of automation and testing of the processes I have been responsible for implementing during this time. 

I feel very lucky to have had this opportunity, as it has allowed me to be part of such a good team that always tries to improve and give their best. I want to give special thanks to my mentor and also to RTI for their commitment and the #1RTI culture that without a doubt has made this internship unique.

Welcome breakfast with Marcos and RTI teammates Javier and José

Marcos attending this year’s SalmorejoTech inauguration with RTI teammates and University of Cordoba D. Social Counsel President Francisco Muñoz Usano



About the author:

Marcos Rivera_Preferred 2023 (1)

Marcos Rivera is currently a Computer Science Student at the University of Córdoba in Spain. Since he was a child he has had a passion for computers, algorithms and programming languages.

Beyond the classroom, Marcos thrives on automating processes and optimizing workflows. Whether it's coding, attending hackathons, or working on personal projects, he's always exploring the latest in tech.