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RTI is the infrastructure software company for smart-world systems. The company’s RTI Connext product is the world's leading software framework for intelligent distributed systems.

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Unveiling RTI Connext 7.3 LTS: The Key to Smarter, Observable and Secure DDS Applications

Unveiling RTI Connext 7.3 LTS: The Key to Smarter, Observable and Secure DDS Applications

In an era where broad connectivity and artificial intelligence (AI) are driving innovation to unprecedented heights, there has never been a greater need for smarter distributed applications. That’s why we are thrilled to unveil RTI Connext 7.3 LTS, the latest evolution of our proven infrastructure software that is designed to meet the intricate demands of modern distributed systems.

Built on the Data Distribution Service (DDS) standard, Connext 7.3 brings scalability, observability, cybersecurity, and usability into sharp focus, empowering  developers and organizations to build resilient and intelligent applications that can thrive in today's dynamic environments. From seamless integration with observability tools to advanced cybersecurity features, support for the most popular programming languages and more, Connext 7.3 aligns perfectly with the needs of those seeking to create the next generation of distributed applications, which must be developed rapidly and deployed securely to maintain competitive advantage.


For the benefit of our users, Connext 7.3 not only introduces groundbreaking features and enhancements, but also continues our commitment to long-term support and maintenance. Our LTS model enables customers to rely on stable and dependable infrastructure for their critical applications, with maintenance and support (M&S) extending for the next 12 years. This steadfast dedication to our customers' success means that you can confidently integrate Connext 7.3 into your projects, knowing that you will receive the assistance and updates needed as your system demands evolve. 



Observability is paramount for understanding the intricate behaviors and performance nuances within distributed systems – and Connext 7.3 elevates this critical capability with a suite of advanced features. This release seamlessly integrates with leading observability tools, providing users with unprecedented insight into system metrics and logs. Key enhancements include:

  • OpenTelemetry Support: Harness the power of OpenTelemetry to collect and distribute telemetry data seamlessly, which enables comprehensive observability across distributed applications using your favorite observability tools.
  • Native Integration with Prometheus: Gain real-time visibility into Connext metrics through native integration with Prometheus, facilitating robust monitoring and analysis of system performance.
  • Native Integration with Grafana Loki: Ensure comprehensive log aggregation and analysis through native integration with Grafana Loki, which empowers users to effectively manage and troubleshoot system logs.
  • Metrics and Logs: Obtain detailed insights into system performance and behavior through comprehensive monitoring of metrics and logs, enabling proactive identification and resolution of potential issues.


Connext 7.3 introduces cutting-edge features that align with emerging cybersecurity standards, ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of mission-critical data transmissions. From support for pre-shared keys to the integration of new cryptographic algorithms, Connext 7.3 offers robust defenses against cyber threats. New capabilities include:

  • Pre-Shared Keys (PSKs): Ensure secure communication flows from the outset with pre-shared keys, which enhance confidentiality and integrity in data transmission.
  • New Crypto Algorithms: Employ advanced cryptographic algorithms to protect information up to the top-secret level, bolstering security for sensitive data.
  • Digital Certificate Management: Simplify certificate renewal processes without application restarts, enabling seamless operations and up-to-date security measures for critical systems.
  • Trusted Platform Modules (TPMs): Safeguard cryptographic keys in hardware with TPM support, which fortifies protection against unauthorized access and tampering.


Scalability lies at the core of Connext 7.3, enabling developers to architect and dynamically create subsystems of components that interact seamlessly while remaining isolated from extraneous chatter. New capabilities include:

  • Simple Participant Discovery Protocol (SPDP) 2.0: Reduces redundant information during participant discovery and maintains participant liveliness efficiently.
  • Instance State Consistency: Ensures consistency of instance states across applications, even under poor network conditions.
  • Link Selection: Enables applications to utilize the best available network interface, eliminating redundant data reception on secondary networks.
  • Participant Partitions: Architects can create subsystems of components that interact while remaining isolated from other subsystems, promoting efficient scalability.


Productivity is the cornerstone of effective software development, and Connext 7.3 prioritizes convenience and efficiency with a variety of user-friendly features. This release streamlines development processes and enhances user experience through intuitive tools and interfaces. Key enhancements include:

  • Python API: Accelerate development and testing with full support for Python alongside other programming languages, allowing developers to leverage their preferred language for building mission-critical systems.
  • Graphical Data Publishing in Admin Console: Simplify data publishing from Admin Console with an intuitive graphical interface, enabling developers to prototype and validate applications with ease.
  • Spy’s New UI: Improve user experience with the redesigned Spy user interface, which offers a simpler output format and enhanced functionality as a powerful command-line tool.
  • Discovery Snapshots: Access ground truth of the discovery status of applications and their resources with Discovery Snapshots.

Additionally, in response to our users' needs for clarity and simplicity, we are excited to announce a significant streamlining of our product offerings with the release of Connext 7.3. With this update we have simplified the Connext product suite by consolidating components previously included with Connext Secure and Connext Anywhere into optional add-ons to Connext Professional: Security Extensions, Cloud Discovery Service, and Real-Time WAN Transport. Whether you're working on robotic systems, command and control applications, or distributed industrial systems, our simplified product structure makes it easier than ever to access the capabilities you require without unnecessary complexity. 

Connext 6.x Product

Connext 7.3 Equivalent

Connext Secure

                  Connext Professional

                 + Security Extensions

Connext Anywhere

Connext Professional

                 + Security Extensions

                 + Cloud Discovery Service

                 + Real-Time WAN Transport

Note: We continue to offer specific products for particular industries or needs. For example, if your project is related to the automotive industry, the popular Connext Drive is the right product for you. See the updated
Connext product suite.

We’d like to invite you to download and explore the new trial version of Connext 7.3 with no obligation today!

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About the author:

David Ruana_Preferred_2023-blogDavid Ruana is the Staff Product Manager at RTI overseeing security and platform integrations across the product suite. David brings a wealth of experience in the areas of security certification, identity and access management (IAM), and broader product lifecycle management for IoT, Mobile, and Cloud Systems.