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RTI Connext 7.2: Integrate With Any Observability Tool, Leverage the Fully Supported Python API, and More

RTI Connext 7.2: Integrate With Any Observability Tool, Leverage the Fully Supported Python API, and More
Announcing RTI Connext® 7.2, the latest feature-packed release of our software framework.

In a world undergoing a sweeping technology shift, the demand for smarter, more context-aware systems is on the rise. As a result, the way teams develop, deploy, and manage massive software systems is now evolving at an unprecedented pace. The RTI Connext 7.2 software framework is evolving too, to help these architects and developers navigate industry-wide transformation with new and innovative features that are designed to support the next generation of real-time mission-critical systems. Specifically, Connext 7.2 is poised to enable larger, secure systems within a smaller footprint, enhance reliability even in disconnected networks, and seamlessly integrate observability into the heart of applications.

Connext 7.2 offers an early preview of the forthcoming Long-Term Support (LTS) version. We encourage Connext developers and architects currently in the development stages of their systems to download Connext 7.2 from the RTI Support Portal today to experience these exciting features firsthand. Connext 7.2 is also ideal for long-term Connext users who wish to enhance scalability, establish Lightweight Security, and increase uptime.

In this blog post, we'll delve into the four standout features of Connext 7.2 that were created to elevate both the development and operational experience. As with previous Connext releases, more details about the features are available in What’s New.

Download Connext 7.2

1) Observability: Gain Insights with Ease

Effective observability is crucial for understanding the performance of applications. Connext 7.2 seamlessly integrates with OpenTelemetry, allowing users to harness the power of their preferred observability tools. The Observability Framework's integration with OpenTelemetry enables flexible storage and analysis of telemetry data in various third-party observability backends. Now, it’s possible for users to monitor and analyze Connext applications with tools they know and trust. 

Learn more about OpenTelemetry integration


2) Python API: Accelerating Development

In response to developers' demand for rapid development and testing in the language of choice, Connext 7.2 now fully supports Python, alongside C, C++, Java, and C#. With the addition of pip-based installation and support for Request-Reply, the Connext Python API has shed its experimental status and become a fully-supported language API for production systems. This means users can develop and test mission-critical systems faster and more conveniently, using the preferred programming language they’re familiar with.

Learn more about the Python API


3) Lightweight Security: Secure Data Transmission in Any Environment

In today's diverse and distributed computing landscape, security is paramount. Previously, Connext 7.1 introduced Lightweight Security support, catering to scenarios with resource constraints or cloud environments. This new release adds additional capabilities to ensure that Connext applications using regular Security Plugins can interoperate seamlessly with applications using Lightweight Security. This gives users the advantage of maintaining a mixed-security environment that combines the robustness of plugins with the flexibility of Lightweight Security. With Connext, critical data remains secure, regardless of the environment.

Learn more about Lightweight Security


4) Dynamic Certificate Renewal and Revocation: Uninterrupted Operations

Thanks to Connext 7.2, certificate management during systems operations just got easier. Participants' identity certificates can be renewed without application restarts. The new certificate is automatically distributed to all participants, and periodic checks ensure that certificates are always up-to-date. In the event of certificate revocation, the participant is automatically removed from the network. This feature prioritizes continuous functionality, minimizing disruptions and ensuring that systems run seamlessly.

Learn more about the updates to Dynamic Certificate Renewal and Revocation

While this is simply a quick summary of some of the key features, it's important to note that Connext 7.2 also introduces numerous other enhancements that bolster system resiliency and scalability, including enhanced testing tools. All of the new features in Connext 7.2 can be explored in more detail in the "What’s New" document. 

We invite customers currently in the development stage to download a copy of Connext 7.2 today! Learn more about the new features and capabilities with the following resources:





About the author:

Juhi R PreferredJuhi Ranjan is the Group Product Manager at RTI, responsible for aligning market needs with RTI's flagship products. She is responsible for all aspects of the product strategy for Connext Professional, from conception to launch. Additionally, she oversees a team of product managers at RTI who are responsible for driving product initiatives.