What are experimental products?

Experimental products are previews of technology that RTI is developing to address emerging market needs and customer use cases. Experimental products are candidates for inclusion in a future generally-available product.

RTI makes experimental products available to users early in the RTI development cycle for several reasons, including to:

  • Receive feedback on their capabilities and usability
  • Provide users with visibility into RTI’s product direction, so they can optimize their own development accordingly

RTI develops and releases experimental products as previews of technology that RTI is developing and could potentially include in a future generally-available product.

What experimental products does RTI Offer via RTI Labs?

RTI’s publicly-available experimental products are listed and available for download free of charge on the RTI Labs homepage

What is the maturity level of experimental products?

Because experimental products are early in their development cycle, their functionality and interfaces are likely to evolve as the technology matures and approaches productization. For this reason, there may not be complete portability or interoperability between releases of a specific experimental product. In addition, because they are new and evolving, experimental products are not tested or documented as completely as generally available products.

How do experimental products relate to RTI Labs?

RTI releases selected experimental products through RTI Labs. RTI Labs also includes other technology that RTI makes available to its user community (not all technologies released via RTI Labs are experimental products). If you’re unsure whether an RTI Labs project is an experimental product, please reach out to us on the RTI Community Forum.

How can I use experimental products?

How you may use experimental products depends on the license for the particular product. The license is specified on the product page or in the associated GitHub repository

How can I get support on experimental products?

RTI supports experimental products through the RTI Community Forum. RTI is very interested in receiving feedback on experimental products and accelerating their incorporation into standard product. So, we make our best effort to provide a high quality of service.

Because experimental products are not part of a production release, they are not covered by standard support contracts nor RTI’s customer support organization.

Contact your RTI account manager to inquire about options for guaranteed support, additional features in the short term, or to use experimental products for development or in production.