Now You Can Access DDS using Python or JavaScript

RTI Connector for Connext® consists of a family of APIs that provide a quick and easy way to write applications that publish and subscribe to the Connext databus in Python and JavaScript.  You can now integrate the powerful capabilities of Connext in web applications using JavaScript, or in complex simulation or machine-learning applications with Python.


What's New

  • Connector is now dynamically linked, making it seamlessly integrated with the rest of the RTI ecosystem. Connector can now load RTI plugins including RTI Security Plugins and Monitoring Plugins.
  • Connector now supports ARMv8.

Key Features and Benefits of RTI Connector

  • Easy Access to Data Samples. Bring your Connext data to simulation, machine-learning, big-data, automated test or web applications.
  • Simple API Integrated with Connext. Define your Connext system in XML and start sending and receiving data in a few lines of Python or JavaScript code. Connector’s simplified set of APIs are easy to learn quickly and familiar for Python and JavaScript developers. 
  • Flexible Ways to Access Data Samples. Utilize Connector’s flexible ways to create, populate and retrieve your data samples, such as setting them iteratively one member at a time, or in a single operation using a dictionary, or reading samples that contain meta-data only. So you can set or get exactly what you need quickly.
  • Quick Development of PoCs and tests. Scripting languages are often used to quickly develop demos or proof of concepts (PoCs). Connector can also be used to create test applications.