An Out-of-the-Box Solution for Provisioning Discovery in Cloud-Based Environments

RTI Cloud Discovery Service is a feature that enables RTI Connext® applications to be deployed in dynamic environments where UDP/IP multicast is not available. This is typical of wide area networks or some cloud-based environments where the routers and switches may disable IP multicast forwarding.

DDS’s built-in discovery mechanism primarily relies on UDP/IP multicast to bootstrap the detection of other DDS applications and learn their network addresses. The use of UDP/IP multicast allows DDS discovery to be completely peer-to-peer.

In dynamic environments where UDP multicast is not available, and network addresses change over time as endpoints move around, RTI Cloud Discovery Service provides a way to maintain connectivity. This service acts as a reliable “rendezvous” point for Connext applications to learn the presence and network addresses of other DDS applications. All remote endpoints only need to know the IP address of the Cloud Discovery Service server in order to discover each other.

Benefits of Cloud Discovery Service

  • Dynamic discovery remains possible even if there is no multicast available without the need to anticipate or maintain a list of peers.
  • Cloud Discovery Service integrates seamlessly in a DDS environment. Connext is based on the DDS standard. Because it operates at the RTPS [2] level, RTI Connext applications do not need any special behavior or protocol. 
  • Cloud Discovery Service is completely configurable at runtime by specifying the CDS IP address in the application's “initial peers”. There is no need to recompile your application.
  •  Cloud Discovery Service will also work with existing services such as RTI Routing Service, Connext Micro, or with other implementations of DDS-RTPS.
  • Discovery remains as a distributed process performed among all the DomainParticipants. This allows you to scale the system dynamically, and avoids centralized and bottleneck servers.