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Product Manager for Connext DDS Secure, Micro, and Cert

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How to Integrate Qt and DDS in an IoT Application

The IoT world is full of different connectivity protocols and standards. Each has a particular purpose, but no single technology will solve all communications for distributed systems. For example, MQTT serves the specific edge-to-cloud telemetry application, but relies on a broker. This bottleneck prevents MQTT from scaling broadly enough to address connectivity for real-time distributed control systems, which is where Data Distribution Services (DDS) operates perfectly.

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Getting Ready for B(r)each Season with the New IIC Security Maturity Model

With California weather getting warmer, I've been working on my beach body. I'm ok without washboard abs, but I wouldn’t mind trimming down the love handles. My shoulders are a bit strained, so a little physical therapy might be necessary as I crank up the effort.

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Connext DDS 5.3 is Now Available to Help You Architect Your IIoT Systems!

On behalf of everyone at RTI, I am proud to announce the general availability of Connext DDS 5.3: the first connectivity software for architecting Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) systems of systems!

In this release of Connext DDS, we are launching several features designed to help our customers build secure and scalable systems reflective of the layered-databus architecture using the Connext Databus. Let’s tour these features and apply them to the layered-databus architecture as well as to actual industries implementing these architectural patterns using our technology.

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Hey, Charlie Miller! Let's Talk About Securing Autonomous Vehicles

A recent Wired article on Charlie Miller (infamously known for remotely hacking and controlling a Jeep) claims that “open conversation and cooperation among companies” are necessary prerequisites to building secure autonomous vehicles. This seems rather far-fetched when so many companies are racing to dominate the future of the once-nearly-dead-but-newly-revived (remember the Big Three bailouts?) automotive industry. As naive as that part of the article sounds, what really blew my mind was the implication that the answer to re-designing security lies solely within the autonomous-vehicle industry.

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Getting Started with Connext DDS, Part Four: From Installation to Hello World, These Videos Have You Covered

I started my career at a defense company in the San Francisco Bay Area on a project that involved a distributed system with several hundred nodes (sensors, controllers and servers). All these nodes were networked over different physical media including ethernet, fiber optics and serial. One of the challenges we faced was ensuring our control systems could operate within their allotted loop times. This meant data had to arrive on time regardless if a node required 10 messages per second or several thousand messages per second. We needed a more effective method of communication than point-to-point or centralized server.

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