RTI Connext® 6 is the 2018 release of the RTI Connext product suite. A more recent release is available now, but this description is offered for those interested in the progress over time. Learn about the latest Connext product suite release here.

This release includes updates to all products including Connext DDS Professional 6.0, Connext DDS Secure 6.0 and Connext DDS Micro 3.0. It features new capabilities specifically designed for the most demanding distributed systems, such as those in autonomous vehicles, aerospace & defense, healthcare, energy systems, industrial automation, transportation and more.

Software to build and run complex distributed systems



RTI Connext 6 is the first architecture software solution for highly-autonomous systems. Based on the Data Distribution Service™ (DDS) standard, Connext 6 is secure, stable and resilient, with the ability to provide data in real-time, all the time. System engineers use it to design and build systems with massive scalability, without compromising performance or security. RTI takes care of the software architecture, allowing developers to focus on their core competencies – system development, data analysis and user experience – and develop products faster and at lower cost.

RTI Connext 6 offers powerful new features such as event-based data recording, improved debugging capabilities and improved SSL security integration for key management.

Product Highlights

  • Efficient High-Bandwidth Data Distribution for increased throughput and reduced latency.
  • Data-Centric Gateways provide intelligent data routing for greater efficiency, improved scalability and easier integration with legacy systems.
  • Enhanced Performance reduces CPU overhead and end-to-end latency in distributed applications – a necessity for haptic control loops and real-time data exchange.
  • Data Extensibility supports longevity and evolution of distributed systems, enabling interoperability across generations of subsystems and products.
  • Integration with Standardized Frameworks and Platforms to ease integration between OEMs and suppliers, from research through production.
  • Built on Data Distribution Service™ (DDS), the proven connectivity standard used in thousands of mission-critical systems worldwide.


Developer Productivity Features

Connext 6 delivers new capabilities for improved application performance, scalability and functionality, plus new developer productivity features that include:

Optimized Data Processing

The new RTI FlatData™ representation significantly reduces latency and CPU utilization for large samples. Systems running multiple applications on the same node can use the optimized shared memory transport to nearly eliminate end-to-end latency and overhead in Connext DDS Professional, Connext DDS Secure and Connext DDS Micro.

Easy System IntegrationRTI_Diagram_Routing-Service-Arrows_V0_1018

The new generation of Routing Service simplifies bridging data domains with support for advanced data transformations that include multiple inputs and outputs. The new diagram-based view of Routing Service in the Administration Console allows users to visually manage routes and monitor performance.

Dynamic Data Implementation

Optimized Dynamic Data implementation delivers improved serialization performance, reducing end-to-end latency. XTypes annotations and optional members provide a simpler, more economical approach to evolving complex, safety-critical systems. With support for the latest Object Management Group® (OMG®) DDS Extensible Types standard, applications will benefit from network bandwidth savings.

Simplified Data Recording

The new Recording Service offers improved record/replay performance and easier configuration. It includes support for data transformations and content filtering and a new API for integrating custom storage plugins.

RTI_Diagram_Connext-6-DDS-Security_V0_1018Updated DDS Security

Connext products are compliant with the latest OMG DDS Security specification. Connext 6 extends support for DDS Security plugins to Connext DDS Micro.

Configurable Micro Applications

With XML-Based Application Creation, users can simply define and configure their Connext applications. Connext 6 provides additional tools for maintaining interoperability between Connext DDS Micro, Connext DDS Professional and Connext DDS Secure applications.

Extended Platform Support

Connext 6 expands its broad support for compute platforms and embedded systems with libraries for the latest Linux, QNX, Integrity and VxWorks platforms.


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