Bi-directional integration between RTI Connext and relational databases

Distributed and autonomous systems demand an innovative data integration approach. Legacy architectures and connectivity technologies simply cannot cope with the diversity of modern applications, volume of data and pace of change it requires. With RTI Database Integration Service, you can overcome these challenges. The next-generation connectivity approach helps you store distributed data in your existing relational database management system (RDBMS) and get database updates to any application in real time.



  • Bi-directional integration
    • Real-time data capture in a relational database
    • Remote real-time notifications of table changes
  • Caching of high-rate data streams before storage
  • Heterogeneous database replication
  • Supported databases:
    • MySQL 
    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • PostgreSQL

The RTI Database Integration Service provides a bi-directional integration between RTI Connext®, based on the DDS standard, and a relational database management system (RDBMS) to store published data and to publish database updates to subscriber applications. The RTI Database Integration Service also allows embedded systems to store data in a remote database. Embedded applications that use RTI Connext can establish a real-time connectivity link with an existing remote database through the RTI Database Integration Service as a bridge.

RTI Database Integration Service does not require a dedicated database instance. Any existing supported database in your environment can be re-purposed for persistent storage to disk or in-memory storage option for fast data access. The integration enables:

  • Capturing real-time data in a relational database and using it for data processing and analysis in the runtime
  • Effective, reliable, and scalable distribution of configuration information for centrally managed systems
  • Delivery of real-time notification of database updates to IoT devices and applications without performance penalty
  • Adding advanced real-time database replication scenarios for business continuity and high-availability, with robust and flexible options for fine tuning Quality of Service (QoS)


A Single Platform for Connectivity and Data Integrationdatabase-integration-service


Capturing Real-Time Data in a RDBMS

The RTI Database Integration Service captures real-time data streams published via Connext and stores the data to the corresponding database table. It automatically maps the data structure of the real-time data to the corresponding table.

Remote Real-Time Notification of Table Changes

The RTI Database Integration Service notifies remote devices and applications of time- critical changes in the database by automatically sending notification with new table values inside the payloads

Real-Time Database Replication

RTI Database Integration Service performs table replication between distributed databases with minimal latency—even with high update rates. Changes in one table can be replicated across any number of tables, regardless of the schema or database type. 

Scalability and High Availability

The RTI Database Integration Service uses a multithreaded architecture to leverage modern multicore processor capabilities. Multiple instances of the Database Integration Service can run in parallel on different hosts. Depending on configuration, multiple instances can share the load, or each instance can handle discrete set of messages and data.

Evaluation version

RTI Database Integration Service is an optional add-on component to RTI Connext Professional. To request an evaluation version of RTI Database Integration Service or to inquire about support of a particular RDBMS or version, please email contact your local RTI representative.