RTI Queuing Service enables point-to-point messaging in RTI Connext® DDS. It brokers interactions between message producers (DDS Data Writers) and consumers (DDS Data Readers), delivering each message (DDS sample) to only one consumer. This balances workloads by distributing jobs across a pool of processors to address application-to-application data exchange at both the network edge and in the cloud. This takes distributed data processing to a new level of scalability with minimal end-to-end latency.


With the RTI Queuing Service, Connext DDS supports all the fundamental communication patterns used in distributed system architectures. The Queuing Service adds queuing to the Publish-Subscribe (pub-sub) communication distribution pattern to enable scalable processing and Request-Reply for controlling and managing devices. This eliminates the need to adopt and integrate different technologies for each of these requirements, reduces integration costs and simplifies administration.


  • Implements a one-to-one queuing communication pattern
  • Load balances Publish-Subscribe and Request-Reply interactions
  • Persists messages in memory or to disk
  • Supports fully redundant transactional messaging for high availability and fault tolerance
  • Provides an API for remote administration and monitoring
  • Implements a dead-letter queue for analyzing message delivery failures
  • Works seamlessly with RTI infrastructure services and tools
  • Can replace other brokers, including AMQP and RabbitMQ

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