RTI Recording Service is an off-the-shelf solution to capture Data Distribution ServiceTM (DDS) data into permanent storage. 

It provides the following capabilities:

  • Record: For subscribing DDS data and pushing data into storage
  • Replay: For pulling data from storage and publishing into DDS
  • Convert: For conversion of stored data from one format to another (e.g., sqlite to CSV)


RTI Recording Service is used to record updates to the system over a period of time, and to access that data by time stamps. The captured data can be used for a number of tasks:

  • Data can be analyzed for patterns or other items of interest
  • Data can be replayed into a DDS system using the Replay Service to test the system. 
  • The Replay Service can expand or compress the rate at which data is published back into the system to allow for additional system robustness testing
  • The Replay Service can also filter data before publishing it to allow for additional testing
  • The Recording Service also has a converter that allows data to be collected in the more efficient wire protocol used by DDS into a JSON format for querying


Recording Service can integrate into a DDS databus as any other application, enabling:

  • Discoverable and fully configurable Quality of Service
  • DDS-based Remote monitoring/administration (including Admin Console support)
  • XML-based configuration
  • The capability to be deployed as a process, or be embedded into an application
Recording Patterns

Replay Patterns