RTI is pleased to offer a free-trial version of Connext Drive upon request. Simply submit the adjacent form to receive your download instructions.

In this evaluation copy, you will get to experience, hands-on, the safety functionality of Connext Drive and how it enables automakers to quickly and flexibly meet the most complicated demands of the automotive market to create next- generation vehicles.

Learn more about the product and its applications on our Connext Drive web page.

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Gain access to Connext Drive® to see how it can enable intelligent information flow in your environment. It runs on Linux, and on other operating systems available under a commercial license. Contact us for more information.

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Shapes Demo

RTI Shapes Demo is a tool you can use to learn about basic and advanced DDS concepts, such as publish-subscribe messaging, data centricity and Quality of Service. Shapes is a standalone graphical application that does not require any programming. Starting with the walkthrough, this demo teaches DDS basics simply and is ideal for students, business professionals and technical developers.

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