A message from the CEO, Stan Schneider

We realize the potential of our employees and our company

Realizing potential is the first line in our core values statement and our top goal. We find that talent is well distributed across geographies, ethnicities, genders, and ages. But opportunity is not. So, to realize our potential, we seek to find and develop talent wherever we find it: in every person, from every place, of every type. We then offer training and career opportunities to build a diverse team. Providing opportunity across all aspects of diversity is our core strategy to realize potential.

RTI is committed to a culture where everyone is heard, respected, and included. RTI stands against discrimination in employment, compensation, recognition, and career. We do not judge people by the color of their skin, the origins of their family, the choice of their love, the years since their birth, the beliefs of their faith, or the state of their body. We seek instead to judge by the depth of their talent, the commitment to their team, and the content of their character.


Diverse teams are more creative, productive, and inspired. Our bold ambition is to make the world smarter. To do that, we must also be smarter; we do that by celebrating and building diversity. Our core diversity principles:

  • You can be you here. We want you to enjoy the journey and be yourself along the way.
  • You belong; you are a welcome addition to our culture. Diversity opens our perspectives, strengthens teams, generates better solutions, and fosters deeper customer connections. We welcome your experience and your authentic self.
  • You make us better. We pledge to increase representation of underrepresented communities within RTI. We promise to learn more and do more about creating an environment that is diverse, inclusive and equitable. Together we will build a better RTI.

We accept you for who you are, value you for what you contribute, and reward you for what you earn. Our 1RTI team motto is to “work together as one”. We do this not in spite of our differences, but because of them.

RTI has many policies and goals to support this vision. To enable those in different home situations, we support unlimited work from home, in-office work, or any combination. We offer “team weeks” so you can grow to know your coworkers. We pay an extra bonus if you take uninterrupted vacations. We have employees in 25 states and 7 countries, including citizens of at least 25 countries. We strive to provide a supportive environment for people of all backgrounds and situations.

But realizing the potential of a diverse team takes more than just having a diverse team. We offer professional development training to all. We have formal management training and mentoring. We strive to promote from within. To realize the potential of our team, we seek not only to find and employ diverse talent, but also to invest in development and offer opportunities to grow.

At RTI, you can work in a positive, supportive, diverse environment with a team that cares about you. That realizes your potential, and together, we realize the company’s potential.


RTI's Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) Purpose

Increase ethnic and gender representation at RTI

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Utilizing diversity recruiting platforms to share our job openings and source for qualified candidates in underrepresented communities.

Focusing RTI’s University Recruiting program on workplace diversity.

Strive for equitable recruiting, career development, advancement and pay

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Ensuring pay equity across the company through annual reviews of compensation practices.

Requiring annual manager-to-staff performance feedback and offering opportunities for formal professional development.

Promote DEIB internally and externally

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Developing and promoting important DEIB initiatives built on insights from a cross-departmental committee.

Sharing RTI DEIB initiatives in quarterly, company-wide CEO updates.

Acknowledge and celebrate differences to create a more inclusive workplace

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Partnering with a specialized vendor to provide company-wide inclusion and belonging training.

Publishing quarterly newsletter highlighting the diversity represented at RTI in a personal way.


In Our Own Words

We welcome you to join the 1RTI team and enjoy the journey with us! View our open positions and find a career, not just a job.

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