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The Plague of Confusion in the Industrial IoT

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is the most important technical revolution of our lifetime. But the IIoT is sick.

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Heroes in Silicon Valley (and at the RTI User’s Group Meeting)

It was Halloween two days ago. Everywhere you looked, people were running around in superhero costumes. You know them: Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman. Why do people love heroes?  Because they’re inspiring. Heroes boldly venture into new challenges and accomplish things nobody thought they could. 

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Women in Engineering: A Story for your Daughter

Recently, I got the opportunity to present to a group called, “Women Who Code (WWC),” a society for women in software engineering careers. I decided to start with a story that I made up for my daughter when she was little. The kid’s version is contained at the bottom of this post; if you have time, please check it out. But, since you’re likely a harried grown up, here’s the Reader’s Digest version: 

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#TBT: From Predicting to Propelling the Industrial IoT

If you missed it, you should check out the recent press release about RTI’s growth in the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). It’s really a great time to be RTI! Sure, from a business perspective all the vectors point the right way. But for me, the most exciting things in that press release aren’t numbers.  I’m more amazed that we get to play with so many futuristic applications. Carbots? Renewable energy? Smart healthcare? Hyperloop? Flying cars? Wind turbines? CT scanners? We got ‘em all. And new things show up all the time.

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A Foggy Forecast for the Industrial Internet of Things

Signs on I-280 up the San Francisco peninsula proclaim it the “World's Most Beautiful Freeway.” It’s best when the fog rolls over the hills into the valley, as in this picture I took last summer.

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Databus vs. Database: The 6 Questions Every IIoT Developer Needs to Ask

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is full of confusing terms. That's unavoidable; despite its reuse of familiar concepts in computing and systems, the IIoT is a fundamental change in the way things work. Fundamental changes require fundamentally new concepts. One of the most important is the concept of a "databus".

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