Download our whitepaper: A Converged Approach to Standards for Industrial Automation.

The opportunity to improve remote operation and network communication is not just an attractive technological goal: It’s increasingly becoming an economic imperative. Autonomous and data-centric architectures have come to represent the most cost-effective way to add real-time decision-making and monitoring to the sometimes unpredictable and often challenging business of large vehicle control systems.

RTI Connext® software, based on the DDS standard, enables systems to operate in real-time in remote or hazardous environments, and allows the connected components of a large vehicle control system to work as one integrated solution by sharing real-time data reliably and securely.

Connext enables customers to effectively monitor performance, improve human-machine interactions, optimize operational efficiency and machine precision, minimize total costs (including downtime, maintenance, repair and replacement costs), maximize throughput and improve safety. 

  • In the mining industry, RTI enables real-time remote operations to meet the key requirements of distributed mining networks: optimize production costs, reduce human intervention and improve safety. View our Mining Network Operations Capability Brief.
  • Where outdated industrial systems persist, such as in the Energy, Oil & Gas and Manufacturing industries, Connext offers modular development and easy integration of large systems as well as secure and distributed SCADA, and better monitoring through cloud-based analysis and real-time feedback to the operational system.

In addition to the value our customers receive from RTI in the form of trusted solution partner, lowest total cost of ownership and most solid technology foundation, Connext has earned the distinction of the leading architecture for developing intelligent distributed systems with our unique array of tools, design services, training and support.