As machines and devices are connected to create intelligent systems, innovative solutions are emerging that are transforming our world in every market. Data-centric connectivity is critical to the success of these high performance, intelligent systems and Connext, based on the DDS standard, is ushering in the Age of Autonomy in these important markets.


Communications Systems Applications

Space exploration and communication requires datalinks across millions of miles of space. Whether it be from Earth to Mars or from the International Space Station to Earth, long-distance object control relies upon space links that are low-bandwidth, high-delay and lossy. NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) rely upon Connext for remote operations, many miles from the control center.

Video broadcast switching networks require high-performance scalability and future extensibility. The world's largest transmission and video switching equipment vendor, Harmonic, uses Connect to convey programming to the switches and affect the stream assembly, handling thousands of clients and millions of messages with the performance and scaling ability they require.

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Large Telescope Systems

The world’s most powerful telescopes deploy large-scale Adaptive Optics (AO) that use highly distributed and extremely accurate sensors, actuators and control systems to change the shape of the adaptive mirrors in the telescope to capture real-time information in the skies. This involves processing an enormous amount of data from hundreds of sensors, which must precisely adjust the actuators controlling the instrument's mirrors in real time.

Connext delivers the communications framework to facilitate real-time intelligent information flow for AO. It integrates with supporting systems such as event and log notifications without custom programming and offers a flexible platform for fast and easy configuration in the field.

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Robotics and Haptic Systems

Robotics and haptic systems are complex machines which work through interconnected autonomous, semi-autonomous and human controlled modules and often operate in harsh and unpredictable conditions. Compounding the operational challenges, the human operator often needs to control the robots across very large distances, over unreliable network transports.

Connext is the proven platform to develop and run high-performance, high-precision robotics. 

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Smart Machine Applications

Smart machine capabilities are increasing the autonomy and operational efficiency of traditional manufacturing, mining, SCADA, and Oil and Gas systems. 

These smart machines target outdated industrial systems. Connext benefits include easier integration of large systems, more secure and distributed SCADA, and better optimization with cloud-based analysis and real-time feedback to the operational system.  

Protocols, such as DDS can merge with traditional approaches in the industry, such as OPC UA, to build a much more intelligent and distributed system.

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Training and Simulation

Simulation technology has been utilized in the Aerospace & Defense industry for many years to train and prepare our military forces. Today, simulation technology is rapidly expanding in other industries, such as Healthcare, Automotive and Energy. In Healthcare, medical simulations involve mannequins with thousands of sensors used for training to improve patient outcomes. In Automotive, simulators are used to test autonomous vehicles in different driving conditions, enabling developers to test on millions of road miles in a shorter period of time and at a lower cost.

Effective training requires a system that provides true, high-fidelity simulation with response times closely matched to real-world scenarios. Connext is the platform that brings distributed simulations together in a secure, high performance, scalable environment. It is the world’s first data-centric framework to address security down to the individual data object level while maintaining real-time response.

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Underwater Drones

Oceanic drones operate under the world’s most extreme, unpredictable conditions.  Communicating with these unmanned underwater vehicles in real-time presents unique challenges: distorted transmissions, limited underwater bandwidth and wifi to transmit video and telemetry recordings, stabilization of sensors and more. Building and operating these complex underwater operations can cost millions of dollars.

Connext delivers affordable, highly-reliable real-time connectivity from ocean floor to ship or land operations. Used by leaders in oceanic exploration drones, Connext is the communications framework for advanced, affordable underwater research and exploration.

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Success Stories

Outer Space Human-to-Robot Communication


NASA relies on RTI Connext DDS because of its inherent tolerance of time delay and loss of signal that occur with signals sent across the vast distances separating the space station, satellites and land-based devices.

Human Robot Interaction Laboratory

European Space Agency

ESA uses Connext DDS for communication and video to demonstrate long- distance object control from aboard the International Space Station (ISS).

Construction and Mining Analytics


With Connext DDS, Komatsu can manage and analyze equipment data in real-time, delivering intelligent capabilities and predictive maintenance.

Training and Simulation

Land, Air & Sea Customers

Connext DDS provided the software for real-time, low-latency data interchange to manage the many simulation components working concurrently.

High-speed Autonomous Race

Indy Autonomous Challenge

RTI Connext DDS provides race teams with rapid design-test iteration capabilities and is the only technology that can integrate AUTOSAR, ROS 2 and the advanced simulation and modeling capabilities from Ansys – at peak performance and reliability.

Adaptive Optics Technology

Durham University Centre for Advanced Instrumentation

One of the world’s foremost research institutions uses RTI Connext DDS in the lab and in real-world deployments in very large telescopes to handle real-time information flow and reliably, at scale.

Precision in Robotic Transport

MT Robot AG

RTI Connext DDS manages data flows for the robots in motion reducing demands on customer networks, and enabling seamless integration with ERP and other software systems.

Surgical Systems

DLR Minimally Invasive Robotic Surgery Systems

The Minimally Invasive Robotic Surgery (MIRS) system at DLR coordinates three robots to perform delicate heart surgery. The system closes a distributed loop between the robots and the remote surgeon's control at 3kHz.

Underwater Connectivity


OpenROV leverages Connext DDS to solve complex connectivity challenges in their drones while underwater in one of the world’s harshest and most unpredictable environments.

Advance Precision Science

European Southern Observatory

Connext DDS coordinates precise control and measurement for the 39-meter Extremely Large Telescope, under construction - the world’s largest optical telescope.

Underground Exploration

Carnegie Mellon University

The CMU DARPA SubT Challenge team is using Connext DDS as the connectivity framework to make coordinated, time-critical decisions in uncertain underground environments.


Industry leaders are selecting RTI to meet the performance, safety, security and scalability requirements that are critical across market segments.


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