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Field Application Engineer, Northeastern US

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When is Open Source the Right Solution?

The Object Management Group (OMG) Data Distribution Service (DDS) standard is what is called an "open standard." This means that the standard is publicly available and provides a normative reference to help guarantee consistency, portability and interoperability. An open standard is not the same thing as software that is "open source." Open source software is computer software made available with its source code. Open source software may be shared and modified and distributed, usually under an open source license. The DDS Standard is an open standard and has open source implementations available. For example, OpenDDS is an open source implementation of DDS managed by OCI (Object Computing Inc.).  There are many commercial distributions that are available as well, the most popular being RTI's Connext® DDS.

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Three Simple Steps to Achieving Peak DDS Performance

RTI Connext® DDS provides an order of magnitude performance improvement over most other messaging middleware. But occasionally we run into customers who are trying to improve the performance of their DDS communications. This performance improvement can be achieved in either throughput or latency. In this blog, I will go through the three simple steps required to assess the performance of your system and will also review some of the most common ways customers have improved performance of their DDS communications.

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