Getting Started with Connext DDS, Part Three: The Essential Tool ALL DDS Developers Need to Know About

Before joining RTI engineering, I was a customer of RTI’s for quite some time. I started working with RTI products before Data Distribution Service (DDS) was a standard. I also happened to be one of the first users of DDS 4.0, when it was finally codified into the standard as we know it today.

I have a passion for developing tools that would help using the Connext DDS products easier -- because the core product is so good. I love doing this, and this is what ultimately brought me to RTI. I’m now leading the engineering team responsible for Connext DDS Tools. I enjoy helping RTI customers adopt RTI Connext® DDS and use it in their projects.

One of my favorite tools is Admin Console. It is essential for troubleshooting, configuring and monitoring all Connext DDS infrastructure services as well as visualizing data directly from your system. Admin Console minimizes troubleshooting time and effort in all stages of application development by proactively analyzing system settings and log messages. Problems get highlighted, making them easy to find and fix.

One of my RTI colleagues, Dave Seltz, recently recorded a short tutorial video to help you learn the essentials of working with the Admin Console. It allows you to quickly master troubleshooting, configuring and monitoring all Connext DDS infrastructure services. Just like other Connext Tools, the Admin Console is included in the Pro version of Connext DDS. The examples used in the video don’t require any configuration or setup and will work out of the box, once you install the product. You can try them right away by following Dave’s tutorial; simply download the free 30-day trial for Connext DDS Pro and give it a shot!

Getting Started with Connext

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