Running RTI Connext DDS Micro on Hercules TMS570 MCUs [tutorial]

Is your product based on Hercules TMS570 MCUs? Do you need to enable scalable, real-time, reliable, high-performance and interoperable data exchanges in your system? Are you really into tutorials and learning how to do new things on small devices? If you answered yes to any of these questions, this blog post is for you!

Keep reading to be introduced to two RTI products that were designed with for small-footprint devices in mind, the Hercules MCU, and gain access to a FREE tutorial I put together. This tutorial will enable you to quickly get started, and realize the immense value Connext DDS Micro can bring to your embedded solution, today.

The Products

RTI Connext DDS Micro is RTI's product targeting small-footprint devices, and it was also the basis for RTI Connext DDS Cert, a product for small-footprint, safety-critical use cases. While Connext DDS Micro is distributed with binaries for a few common architectures, it is also distributed with the full source code since we anticipate the majority of our users will compile, and even port, to their specific platform. RTI Connext DDS Micro is based on the DDS standard and provides high-level publish/subscribe communication. It complies with the Object Management Group (OMG) Data Distribution Service (DDS) for Real-Time Systems standard.

RTI Connext DDS Cert provides a complete certification package for the flight-critical avionics standard DO-178C Design Assurance Level A (DAL A). This package also provides the basis for certification to other standards including IEC 61508 for industrial systems, IEC 60601 for medical devices and ISO 26262 for automotive systems.

Hercules MCUs

The Hercules TMS570 microcontroller (MCU) family enables Hercules customers to easily develop safety-critical products. Developed to meet the requirements of ISO 26262 ASIL D and IEC 61508 SIL 3 safety standards and qualified to the AEC-Q100 automotive specification, this ARM® Cortex®-R based family offers several options for performance, memory and connectivity. Lockstep CPU architecture, hardware BIST, MPU, ECC and on-chip clock and voltage monitoring are some of the key functional safety features available.

The key features of Hercules TMS570 family are: up to 300MHz, ARM Cortex-R CPU (options with Floating Point), Lock-Step CPUs with error-detection logic, 256KB to 4MB of embedded flash, 12-bit ADC with up to 41 channels, Ethernet, FlexRay, CAN, LIN, timers for PWM and input capture, etc.

Companies developing industrial, medical or automotive products can use a Hercules TMS570 MCU as a safety-certifiable platform and run RTI Connext DDS Micro or RTI Connext DDS Cert, which will provide a safety-certifiable communications infrastructure, eliminating the need to develop custom communications code and any requisite certification evidence.

The FREE Tutorial!

A tutorial and sample project, which will help developers getting started, can be found here.

We would love your feedback about running RTI Connext DDS Micro or RTI Connext DDS Cert on Hercules TMS570 MCUs! Please be sure to check out the RTI Connext Micro forum, located on the RTI Developer Community site,

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