RTI Connext

  • Exhibits high throughput, approaching the theoretical bandwidth of Gigabit Ethernet, using modest CPUs
  • Provides very low latency, that increases Linearly with data payload size
  • Sustains low latency and throughput even at very high levels of message traffic

RTI Connext Performance Benchmarks

RTI benchmarked Connext with a wide variety of latency and throughput tests using RTI Performance Test (PerfTest). It includes scripts to run the tests on your platforms.

These results show that Connext provides sub-millisecond latency that scales linearly with data payload size and throughput that easily exceeds 90% of line rate over gigabit Ethernet.

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The PerfTest benchmarking tool is completely free, along with documentation and a video tutorial (click on charts below to enlarge).


This graph shows the one-way latency without load between a Publisher and a Subscriber running in two Linux nodes in a 10Gbps network.


This graph shows the expected throughput behavior when performing a 1-1 communication between two Linux nodes in a 10Gbps network.


This graph shows the expected throughput behavior when using data compression in a 1-1 communication scenario between two Linux nodes in a 1Gbps network.


To run these benchmarks on  your own hardware, please download or contact your local RTI representative:

Benchmarking Best Practices

Modeling Connext Performance on Your Platforms

Are you or your team planning to benchmark the performance of Connext on your systems? Then here is an important consideration: How do you ensure that the tests are realistic? Read more


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