DDS 101: The Connectivity Framework for Building Real-Time Distributed Systems

Are you building the next generation of distributed, real-time systems? Designing connected systems across disparate environments is not an easy task, but this is the type of system in which DDS excels. The Data Distribution Service (DDS) specification outlines a software solution that addresses the edge intelligence and real-time performance needs of distributed systems.

This complimentary meetup will focus on the genesis of the DDS Standard and the technical details of the capabilities it provides to developers who are building distributed systems. This will provide detailed information about how the RTI Connext ecosystem increases productivity in building these complex systems. The presentation will include live demonstrations to illustrate concepts, with audience questions highly encouraged.

A no cost lunch is included at this meetup.

Date and Time

1100-1300 | June 5, 2019


600 Boulevard South SW, Suite 104, Huntsville, AL 35802


Presenter: Dave “Whitt” Whitten, Field Applications Engineer, RTI