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More Reasons to Love Eddy

More Reasons to Love Eddy

If you follow RTI blogs, you would remember Eddy was our project code name for Connext DDS Professional. And you would remember how much we loved Eddy when it was released in summer last year. During the cold winter and spring, we spent a great amount of effort to make Eddy even better. Now Eddy has matured into version 5.2.3, which we are announcing this week!

One of the reasons we loved 5.2.0 was its support for unbounded sequences and strings. This feature enables our customers to efficiently manage memory when dealing with samples containing sequence or string members whose maximum size is unknown or quite large. A good example of a system that can benefit from this feature is video surveillance, where a developer may not know in advance the maximum size of the video frames sent on the wire. When we released Eddy, the feature was available for C++, C and .NET developers. In version 5.2.3, we added Java support for this feature. If you code in Java, check it out. You can learn more about unbounded sequences and strings in this Eddy blog.

Another reason we loved 5.2.0 was its ability to serialize/deserialize samples into/from a buffer. Applications could use this feature for different needs. For example, customers could save the serialized data in a database, disk or memory and access it offline to perform data analytics. In version 5.2.3, we added support for this feature to DynamicData in Java and .NET through the APIs:

  • DynamicData.to_cdr_buffer
  • DynamicData.from_cdr_buffer

Also, don't forget to check out Connext Tools. With version 5.2.3, you can now replay multiple files as easy as how you recorded them, with simple configuration and no extra steps. If you are new to Connext Tools, take a look at this video explaining our data visualization feature in details, with great tips on leveraging it for debugging and developing your applications.


You can never have too much security! Version 5.2.3 continues the mission of securing our customer's systems with the latest and greatest OpenSSL. Well, almost the latest. Just a few days before we released 5.2.3, which supports OpenSSL 1.0.2g, OpenSSL announced version 1.0.2h.

More good news: The 5.2.3 release is even more "supportive" than 5.2.0. It adds support for the latest Visual Studio version (VS2015) and the latest Mac OS X (version 10.11, El Capitan).

Lastly, we have special news for mobile developers. The 5.2.3 release introduces Connext DDS to one more mobile operating system in addition to Android. Yes, iOS! Version 5.2.3 supports iOS 8.2. We look forward to your innovative iOS DDS applications soon!

So, if you loved Eddy, I am sure you will love our latest and greatest 5.2.3 release of RTI Connext DDS even more. Download the free trial and give it a try today!

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