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Brett Murphy

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How IIoT Standards Can Make Smart Cities Even Smarter

World Standards Day is celebrated annually around the world to increase awareness of the role standards play in the global economy. This year’s theme is “Standards make cities smarter.”

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Is the IoT Beginning its Slide into the Trough of Disillusionment?

From approximately 2013 through 2015, the IoT has been at or near the peak of the Gartner Hype Cycle. In fact, it was poised right at the top for two years in a row. However, I believe that in general, the IoT is now starting its slide down the backside of the hype peak into the trough. From layoffs in PTC's ThingWorx unit to industry analysts relaying that the large IIoT Platform providers like GE and others, are not happy with their growth, and other anecdotal indicators, it seems to indicate that we are heading into the Trough of Disillusionment. Of course, the IoT is a very diverse market – it includes both consumer systems and industrial systems, which then include healthcare, industrial automation, transportation, energy, cities and more. As a result, uptake and successes vary drastically from market to market.

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Fog Computing: IT Compute Stacks meet Open Architecture Control

Fog computing is getting more popular and is breaking ground as a concept for deploying the Industrial IoT. Fog computing is defined by the OpenFog Consortium as “a system-level horizontal architecture that distributes resources and services of computing, storage, control and networking anywhere along the continuum from Cloud to Things.” Looking further into the definition, the purpose is to provide low-latency, near-edge data management and compute resources to support autonomy and contextually-aware, intelligent systems.

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Industrial Internet Connectivity Document Evaluates Core Standards: DDS, OPC-UA, WebServices

The Industrial Internet Consortium has released an important part of its Reference Architecture guidance: its Connectivity Framework document. This is actually pretty important; this document dives into the detail on connectivity for IIoT systems, establishes criteria for evaluating connectivity technologies/standards and puts forward some likely technologies for core connectivity standards, including DDS, OPC-UA and WebServices. In other words, there is some really valuable guidance here.

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2nd Version of the Industrial Internet Reference Architecture is Out with Layered Databus

A year and a half ago the IIC released the first version of the Industrial Internet Reference Architecture (IIRA) – now the second version (v1.8) is out. It includes tweaks, updates and improvements, the most important or interesting of which is a new Layered Databus Architecture Pattern. RTI contributed this new architecture pattern in the Implementation Viewpoint of the IIRA because we’ve seen it deployed by hundreds of organizations that use DDS. Now it’s one of the 3 common implementation patterns called out by the new version of the IIRA.

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The First Smart Healthcare Testbed at the Industrial Internet Consortium

Today, Infosys, RTI, PTC, and Massachusetts General Hospital’s MD PnP Lab launched the Industrial Internet Consortium’s (IIC) entry into smart healthcare.

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